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Apprenticeships and Building a Skilled Workforce with Essential Site Skills

Posted on Tuesday, 5th July 2022

Apprenticeships and Building a Skilled Workforce with Essential Site Skills

Essential Site Skills - Apprenticeships and Building a Skilled Workforce 

Essential Site Skills are delighted to announce that we have successfully retained a place on the UK Government’s Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

Apprenticeships thrive in businesses with strong learning cultures they provide a fantastic platform for developing employees, enabling organisations and businesses to grow a skilled workforce who can take on responsibility and act with greater independence.

Providing an equal opportunity for employees to participant in apprenticeship programmes will develop key management skills that they can apply directly into real work-related environments, projects, and tasks while they learn, increasing a manager’s ability to delegate work with confidence.

We believe the future of businesses requires the responsibility to learn and the responsibility to teach! Apprenticeships, provide the principal building blocks for a culture of learning, they develop careers, keeping employees loyal and more engaged in their work.

Giving individuals the opportunity to combining a qualification with their job through a 12–18-month ‘work-study‘ programme, enables employees to grow professionally, earning while they learn. Consequently, organisations and businesses benefit from the valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied from the beginning of all ‘work-study ‘programmes. If you are an employer looking to up-skill your team, the business case for apprenticeships is a compelling one.

Essential Site Skills already work with organisations and businesses nationally. 

For organisations and businesses looking to find apprenticeship courses for their workforce, Essential Site Skills are recognised as an approved provider by the ESFA.

for further information on apprenticeships courses with ESS, we invite you to take a look online

If you have immediate questions you would like to ask, we invite you to contact Katy Baker, Quality and Curriculum Manager at ESS.

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