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Gaining Buy in For Training – The Questions You Should Be Asking

Posted on Friday, 19th April 2019

Gaining Buy in For Training – The Questions You Should Be Asking

Training professionals often ask what more they can do to sell training to the ‘higher ups’ at the organisations they work for. Aside from mandatory training that is required by law, Managing Directors will be keen to know the business benefits of the proposed training - rather than individual outcomes.

Rather than focusing on training outcomes, there are some specific questions training professionals should be asking in order to ascertain how the proposed training can benefit the organisation. Arming yourself with this information is much more likely to win you support, gain approval and release funds.

Questions to Ask Before Proposing Training

Proposing training within your organisation will usually raise questions; preparing yourself with the answers to those questions means you will be ready to hit the ground running.

Here are six questions you are likely to be asked and should be prepared to answer;

1.           Is there really a need there for this training?

It can be easy to overestimate the value of training; be honest with the answer to this question and it will build your credibility. In some situations, training isn’t the right answer and won’t provide you with the results you are looking for. Ensuring that all training is genuinely needed and can add value will help build the case for future proposals.

2.           Do all employees need to do this training?

Training is most successful when the right employees are taking the right type of training. Targeted learning helps cut training costs and ensures that time isn’t wasted. Conduct an assessment first to demonstrate exactly how many employees need to take the type of training you are proposing and why those people are the most suitable candidates.

3.           What are the outcomes of this training?

Training should seek to improve existing processes – don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken or isn’t there. Specifically, think about your company’s business objectives and how your proposed training aligns with them. What is it that you’re trying to improve with this training? And how do you know the need is there?

4.           How will the training move us closer to our goals?

Business owners and MD’s want to know how every decision, especially those that involve spending money, will help the business achieve its overall goals. Training professionals should be familiar with the company vision and make it clear how their proposed training will help everyone meet that vision.

5.           What resources will the training require?

A common objection to training is a lack of resources. This could range from staff time to a suitable space for training. Work out exactly what you will need beforehand so that you are prepared for objections. Remember not to overestimate what you will need.

6.           What will the training cost?

Finally, and one of the most important questions you will be asked is the cost. When delivering costs ensure that you have on your ‘business thinking cap’. Preparing a cost-benefit analysis is a great way to demonstrate value and help make a decision on costs like training, which may not have immediate tangible benefits.

Image shows instructor giving training course.

Speaking to a Training Provider

Hopefully, the above has given you a clear idea of the questions you should be asking when planning any type of training. Preparing yourself with the answers to these questions will only increase your chances of gaining approval within your organisation.

Of course, the individual benefits of training should never be dismissed – training employees is a great way to increase confidence, retain staff and make them feel valued. But when presenting a case for training you must present a balanced view of all benefits – and this includes the direct benefits to the business.

When you choose a training provider to work with, most will be happy to help you answer these questions and work with you to demonstrate how you can add value.

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