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How Can Construction Courses Benefit Your Business and The Industry?

Posted on Thursday, 8th November 2018

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Many businesses are keen to invest in their people by providing training but why is it particularly important in the construction industry? How do construction courses benefit your business, your employees, and the industry as a whole? Read on…

Construction Training Courses Benefit Your Business

Construction courses benefit your business and your employees in numerous ways. From small local building firms to construction giants – there is always room for training and improvement and the many benefits it can bring.

First, let's look at how it benefits your business.

To stay at the top of the game in construction you need a skilled workforce. Skills come from training so if you want to improve business performance and boost profits, upskilling your employees is one way to achieve your business goals.

With the number of construction courses available, you can also choose what skills your workforce gain – filling any skill gaps or customer demands. With a skilled and fully trained workforce, you could become the go-to guys when labour is needed.

And how does upskilling your workforce with training courses help them?

When employees acquire new skills, their contribution to your business is increased and it helps build their self-esteem. The construction training they undertake can propel them to other positions within your business which may have better pay or more desirable hours. Employees will also feel motivated and refreshed with regular training, leading to happiness in their roles.

Also, because you’ve trained employees on company time, they will feel valued and know that you want them to succeed and be happy. There is no better feeling than being content with your job knowing that your employer is supporting you.

how can construction training courses benefit your business?

Construction Industry Training Boosts Economy, Raises Quality and Improves Safety

The UK already has high-quality standards when it comes to construction and employing highly skilled professionals. There are two things that matter the most in construction; quality and safety. When it comes to safety and quality, construction training is important as it keeps those high standards that the industry is renowned for.

Without training and skilled individuals, the industry would suffer. And indeed, there are some parts of the industry that struggle to find enough qualified workers. Training in construction is vital to keep the industry full of skills, experience and most importantly; safe. 

The construction industry is also always changing as new skills become in demand or new technologies come along. Training helps ensure that the construction industry is at the forefront of innovation and that workers have the opportunity to learn new skills.

In addition to keeping the industry ticking over, training and qualifications are good reputation boosters. The general public and customers feel reassured when they know that they are working with trained workers who can just get on with their jobs.

Training also helps keep the economy healthy as British skills and labour are in demand from other countries. Over the years, the economy and the construction industry have taken some knocks but the renowned skills and trades we have in this country still make our businesses and professionals attractive around the world.

Vehicle Banksman Training Course

Types of Construction Training Courses

Construction courses are varied but there is almost certainly a course to match every trade out there. Choosing the ones that benefit your business will depend on what area your firm specialises in but for Plant Operators a good place to start is with the Construction Plant Competence Scheme. CPCS courses cover a broad area and are designed to help your employees achieve a formal qualification.

NVQ qualifications in construction are also a fantastic way for employees to push forward with formal qualifications and enhancing their careers. Construction NVQ’s cover a range of subjects but some popular ones include various routes within Level 2 Plant Operations, Level 2 Construction Operations and Level 2 Roofing Occupations, with many progressing onto their Level 3 in Occupational Work Supervision.

You can view our full range of NVQ’s here or read our previous blog on why choosing to study an NVQ is a great idea.