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Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May)

Posted on Tuesday, 10th May 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May)

Appoint a Mental Health Champion into Your Workplace

No one is untouched by challenges, and the reality is, everyone may encounter wellness issues at some point either directly or indirectly.

Essential Site Skills would encourage all companies to think about appointing a mental health champion into the workplace.

We believe creating an atmosphere where we can talk proactively is the starting point to building everyday resilience into our mental wellbeing and building supportive networks into work-life balance for all employees.

Fulfilling employee’s needs and expectations does require some creativity and discipline to improve employee wellbeing and their mental health. 

The pressure of demanding work culture can be easy to normalise by taking steps to gain a daily insight into employee’s morale. Habits around work can be deep rooted and assumptions about work-life balance, can be very different from employee-to-employee.

What does a healthy work-life balance consist of?

  • Meeting deadlines for work and still having time for family, friends, and hobbies
  • Having enough time to sleep properly and eat well
  • Not worrying about work after hours

MHFA England research (18 March 2022) taken from 2,000 workers, tells us that nearly half of all employees (48%) had no wellbeing check-in from their employer in the past year.

This data also reveals that double the number of employees report that their workplace has failed to check-in on their wellbeing over the past year (48% up from 25% in 2021).

ESS believe businesses need to be part of the solution, champion mental wellness!

If we can build a support network were talking about issues becomes the norm, with discussions around how to prevent ‘self-stigma taking hold’, how to be ‘mentally healthy’, combined with ‘managing and reducing stress’, and ‘combating burnout’, we will build true resilience into our day-to-day life’s.

Stress affects everyone differently, both physically and emotionally and in varying intensities.

The physical consequences can lead to hypertension, chronic aches and pains and hart problems.

Stress can also be linked to depression, anxiety, and insomnia. with Chronic stress leading to burnout!

As more and more people returning to the workplace employers have the opportunity, to revisit mental health and wellbeing policies.

  • Empowering employees
  • Promote internal wellness initiatives
  • Develop Job satisfaction
  • Maximise take up on employee benefits
  • Improve workplace culture
  • Foster personal career goals

Remember, everyone’s mental health can fluctuate as changes to everyday life takes its course.

When we create workplace cultures where people can be themselves, it is easier for people to talk about wellness and mental health concerns without fear and makes it easier to reach out for help!

It is vital that workplaces become environments where everyone feels safe to be themselves.

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