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NEW! Essential Site Skills Launch E-Learning Courses

Posted on Thursday, 13th September 2018

NEW! Essential Site Skills Launch E-Learning Courses

We only launched the new Essential Site Skills website earlier this summer but our team have been busy beavering away in the background developing our new E-Learning section, which we are happy to announce is now live!

To celebrate the launch of our new online courses, this week we’re talking about the benefits of E-Learning and what you can expect when you choose to study an online Essential Site Skills course.

What is E-Learning?

Quite simply, E-Learning is utilising modern technology to access education outside of the traditional classroom setting. In most cases, it’s normally a course or programme that is delivered entirely online.

You may hear E-Learning referred to as distance learning, online learning and a whole host of other names but they usually all refer to the same thing. E-Learning may or may not be assisted or interactive. Delivery can involve watching videos, live tutorials or skype sessions and assessments and tests are taken online too.

You might be able to have online access to a tutor or teacher, or learning may be completed on your own.

image shows book/laptop with different subject icons.

Who is E-Learning For?

The digital revolution has changed how people access information, and naturally, learning has followed suit. We don’t want to stereotype anyone and pigeonhole E-Learning as a ‘millennial thing’ as online courses really are suitable and accessible to most of us.

As long as you have an internet connection and some basic computer skills (even smartphone or tablet skills!), you should be able to gain a qualification or new knowledge online.

People from all walks of life and educational backgrounds choose to learn via the internet. It’s even possible to gain a degree through E-Learning these days.

What Are the Advantages of E-Learning?

Lots of businesses are adopting E-Learning for staff training. There are several reasons for this, ranging from the effectiveness of training to cost savings. Here are some of our top reasons;


E-Learning doesn’t have a limit on class size or where the training needs to be done – it’s completely flexible around the learner’s time. If your staff have an internet connection and a bit of spare time, their course can fit around workloads and home life.

Faster results 

As E-Learning is usually a solitary activity, there are fewer distractions for learners. Without the need to physically go to a class, or interact with other people, courses can be completed much faster.


As online courses don’t require a physical location they come at a lower cost to you and your employees. there is no need to worry about paying for travel costs either or reimbursing expenses for hotels etc.

Environmentally friendly

Today, every business is conscious of their impact on the environment – this makes E-Learning an excellent choice. A smaller carbon footprint is a benefit of no travelling, and the paper trail is reduced as work is completed online.

What Sort of Courses Are Available?

Online learning is a world of choice – you can find a course for just about every profession and industry!

Here at Essential Site Skills, we specialise in courses geared towards the construction industry but also provide expert training in a range of areas that can be utilised by almost every business. Courses such as fire marshal training, behavioural safety and assessing display screen equipment are available to anyone wishing to enhance the safety culture within their business.

All our courses provide excellent value for money and are broken down into modules, meaning that learners can go at their own pace, completing each section of their training when it’s suitable.

picture shows a fire marshal to demonstrate the online fire marshal training courses on offer form Essential Site Skills

Most courses cost just £25 and contain around 75 hours’ worth of training, ready for your employees to complete in their own time. 

If you can't find a course for you, get in touch and keep checking our website, as we will be adding new courses. Coming Soon….

  • Customer Service
  • Sales Skills
  • Equality, Diversity & Discrimination
  • Stress Management
  • Data Protection in the Workplace
  • Leadership Skills
  • Stress Management

Essential Site Skills E-Learning FREE TRIAL

If you or your employees could benefit from E-learning, why not sign up for a free trial today?

To celebrate the launch of our E-Learning platform we are giving away the first module of each of our courses. You can test your chosen course out, see if you like it and then have the option to pick up where you left off once you have paid the course fee.

Simply register your details and get ready to learn online!

To view our full range of online courses, visit our E-Learning course index.