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Site Safety Essentials

Posted on Monday, 25th March 2019

Site Safety Essentials

If you work on a construction site, you should know there are some site safety essentials that should be present or done.

Have a look at our handy infographic to easily see the site safety essentials.

ESS Site Safety Essentials Graphic

1) Risk Assessments

At the very least, there should be risk assessments done for each task and activity happening on site, and one for the overall site itself.

These should be done by a competent person. It should designate responsibility for site safety to an individual, and all hazards should be identified.

There should be demonstrable efforts to control the hazards and reduce the risks.

2) PPE and Equipment

Every member of staff should have personal protective equipment that is suitable for their job. This should include protective headwear, footwear, and any other necessary protection.

The tools and equipment should be suitable for the task, safe, and regularly checked for damage.

3) Trained Staff

All staff should have health and safety training that is commensurate with their level of risk and responsibility.

Have a look here at our blog on who needs health and safety training to check if you aren’t sure.

You should have records of the training everyone has received and provide refreshers regularly.

4) Site Safety

The site itself is a dangerous place and should provide a safe working environment. Make sure access and egress points are clearly signed and easy to get to.

You should also ensure there are barriers and guard rails around any hazards, such as holes or fall risks. 

The site should be kept tidy to ensure no trips or slips, and there should be plenty of lighting so everyone can properly see what they are doing.

5) Welfare Facilities

There should be enough toilets and hand washing facilities for everyone.

The hand basins should be large enough for staff to wash up to the elbow, especially if they are handling substances and chemicals that might cause irritation.

There should also be a safe and clean area to eat, drink, and rest.

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