Level 2 Certificate in Business Administration

The Certificate in the principles of business and administration helps the learner to develop their own personal growth and engagement in learning and demonstrate technical and wider sector-related knowledge to support working in the job. This includes the principles and practices underpinning the core tasks and responsibilities related to the job as well as wider work-related knowledge such as creating documents, reception services, booking and making travel arrangements, employee rights and responsibilities, working with others in a business environment, supporting meetings and solving problems in a business environment. 

What does the Level 2 Business Administration Course Cover?

The course will cover the following subjects to teach and develop the potential employee and to build their confidence and effectiveness in employment;

  • Principles of working in business administration
  • Principles of professional behaviour
  • Principles of providing administrative services
  • Principles of creating documents
  • Understand how to store and retrieve information
  • Understanding personal development

  • Principles of Business & Administration
  • Nationally Recognised Level 2 Certificate
  • Newly Trained Individuals
  • Effective Administration Skills
  • New EU GPDR Training

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