Become a Tiler

Tilers are skilled craftsmen in the construction and renovation industry, specialising in laying tiles on floors, walls, and ceilings in various settings, including homes, businesses, and public spaces. This role involves not only the physical laying of tiles but also the preparation of surfaces, cutting and fitting tiles, and applying grout to finish the job professionally. Tilers must have a good eye for design, detail, and colour to create durable and aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

Wall and Floor Tiler

What Do Tilers Do?

  • Surface Preparation: Ensure surfaces are clean, level, and ready for tiling, which may involve applying underlayments or waterproofing membranes.
  • Tile Layout: Plan and lay out tiles to ensure patterns are symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing, including cutting tiles to fit around obstacles.
  • Adhesive Application: Apply adhesive to surfaces using trowels, ensuring an even spread for tile adherence.
  • Tile Installation: Carefully place tiles on floors, walls, or ceilings, ensuring they are evenly spaced and level.
  • Grouting: Fill the gaps between tiles with grout, wipe away excess, and polish the tiles for a finished look.

Could I Be a Tiler?

This role is ideal for individuals who enjoy practical, hands-on work and have a keen eye for detail and design. Suitable candidates should possess good manual dexterity, physical stamina, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Precision and patience are crucial in achieving a high-quality finish.

What Skills Do I Need?

  • Attention to Detail

    Precision in laying tiles to ensure a high-quality finish.

  • Physical Fitness

    The stamina to work in various postures and handle heavy materials.

  • Creativity

    A good sense of design and aesthetics, particularly in selecting and arranging tiles.

  • Technical Skills

    Knowledge of different types of tiles, adhesives, and grouts, and the ability to use tiling tools and equipment effectively.

Wall and Floor Tiler Pay

How Much Could I Earn?

Earnings for tilers vary based on experience, location, and the type of work undertaken. Entry-level tilers might earn between £15,000 and £20,000 annually. Experienced and skilled tilers can expect to earn between £25,000 and £35,000 per year, with higher earnings possible for those specialising in high-end or bespoke tiling projects.

How Do I Get Started?

  • CSCS Card

    To work on construction sites, tilers in the UK need a CSCS card. For skilled workers, the Blue CSCS Skilled Worker card is relevant. This requires passing the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test and having an NVQ or SVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling.

  • Vocational Training

    Participate in courses or training programs focused on tiling to learn about different materials, techniques, and safety practices.

  • Apprenticeships

    An apprenticeship in wall and floor tiling provides a mix of on-the-job training and classroom learning, leading to recognised qualifications and practical experience.

  • Gain Experience

    Start with simpler tiling projects to develop your skills. As you gain experience, you can undertake more complex and creative tiling work.

  • Specialise

    Consider specialising in areas such as mosaic, natural stone, or complex geometric patterns to enhance your skills and marketability.

Career Progression

Beginning your career as a tiler offers various paths for advancement. With experience, you might move into supervisory roles, managing projects and teams. Further training can lead to specialisations that allow for work on high-value properties or heritage sites, which can command higher fees.

Entrepreneurial individuals may start their own tiling business, providing services directly to clients. For those with a passion for education, transitioning into a teaching or training role to share your expertise with aspiring tilers is another viable path.

Continuous professional development, including staying updated on the latest materials, techniques, and design trends, is key to a successful career as a tiler.