Complaints Procedures

Essential Site Skills Ltd (ESS) are confident of providing a high-quality service and would be extremely disappointed if this is not the case.  Therefore, it is important should you feel you have encountered a level of service that is below both yours and our expectations that you raise any concerns you may have with us immediately so that we may address them.


To ensure complaints received from employers, parents, carers, learners and staff or anyone dealing with Essential Site Skills Ltd (ESS) will be investigated, managed efficiently and responded to in a timely manner.


This procedure relates to employers, parents, carers, learners and staff or anyone dealing with ESS from either minor or serious complaints to resolution.


All staff are responsible for:

  • Passing the complaint to the senior management team where the complaint cannot be resolved by the member of staff or the member of staff’s line manager.
  • All complaints, other than minor complaints must be referred to the senior management team, even if dealt with by the recipient. This is to ensure that they are logged centrally and can be considered in any improvement plan, or procedural change.
  • Where the complaint is received by telephone, the complainant is treated in a courteous and professional manner, and escalated to a member of the senior management team if appropriate.
  • All complaints must be logged in a minor complaints log held with the Operations Director.
  • The senior management team are responsible for:

  • Recording elevated complaints on an elevated complaint record log.
  • Recording the complaint on the complaints log held with the Operations Director
  • Keeping the elevated complaints record up to date with progress of the complaint investigation.
  • Liaising with the management team where the complaint relates to their area of responsibility.
  • Providing a formal response to the complainant if required.
  • Reviewing the minor complaint log to identify any service improvement opportunities.
  • Investigating and ensuring implementation of any post-complaint service improvement initiatives and/or corrective actions, where appropriate.
  • Providing a report and copies of the complaint correspondence to the Directors, for complaints escalated to them.


Appropriate Director or Operations Director is responsible for:

  • Investigating complaints escalated to them and inviting the complainant to discuss their complaint.


Monitoring the implementation of the process is as follows:

A nominated member of the administration team will check that:

  • A complaint record has been created and progress of the complaint investigation is fully documented.
  • The complaint log has been updated.
  • Responses have been provided in the defined timescales.
  • Any subsequent service improvement or corrective actions have been considered and implemented where necessary.

The senior management team reviews complaints on a quarterly basis as part of their monthly management meetings.


In all cases, it is the responsibility of the individual who the complaint is made to, to offer advice and guidance. All ESS staff are to familiarise themselves with the complaints procedure and have a basic understanding of how to deal with a complaint. The following ESS personnel have the following responsibilities in logging and dealing with a complaint:

  • Any member of staff receiving a complaint by Email/letter/phone/in person:
  • Once a complaint is made it is to be dealt with at the lowest level if possible but must still be recorded. All staff are to be made aware of their responsibilities and how to deal with a complaint annually at team meetings.
  • Line managers are to deal with minor complaints if possible, however minor complaints are logged in the complaint log held with the Operations Director. Any major complaint must be passed on to the Senior Management Team who will then take the complaint further if required, again all complaints are logged.
  • Once a major complaint has been made it must be logged and followed through to a conclusion. An elevated complaints record form must be filled in and a complaints number attached to the form for the appropriate Director. A response to the complainant will be written with in 48hrs of receiving the complaint. The Director will then investigate the complaint and send a written response to the complainer and a copy held on file.

If the complainer is still not satisfied the Director will investigate the complaint with the Managing Director

  • The appropriate Director will investigate the complaint and will respond to the complainant within 5 working days of the complaint being made. If it is still not resolved the complaint will be passed to the Managing Director.
  • The Managing Director will invite the complainant in to discuss the complaint within a further 5 days of the complaint being made. All major complaints will be recorded and dealt with at this level if appropriate.


Complaints will be handled:




Staff will endeavour to:

Be courteous to the complainant

Respond positively

Offer constructive solutions

Formal written complaints will be:


Acknowledged within 48 hours

Notified to Senior Management Team

The complaints procedure will be:

Publicly displayed on Essential Site Sills Website

Reviewed and evaluated periodically as per our Quality Assurance Procedure

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