Abrasive Wheels with Practical Cutting/Grinding



Course duration

1 Day

Certificate valid for

3 years

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Our 1 day Abrasive Wheels with Practical application in Cutting and Grinding is intended for those who operate, supervise or manage the use of Abrasive Wheels with angle grinders, cut off saws, bench grinders and bench top cut off saws and is suitable to those who require more practical experience in their use, or for novice operators. It covers the legal and practical requirements for use of abrasive wheel cutting equipment and associated regulations.

Abrasive Wheels Course Overview

This course is intended to give all levels of staff the information and training they need to make sure that they are aware of current health and safety requirements and legislation and to prevent workplace injuries, promote safer working practices and improve workplace culture when working with Abrasive Wheel and associated apparatus. This course also includes practical use in cutting and grinding using a variety of equipment. This course is split into two sessions:

  • AM – Abrasive Wheel Awareness, BAF accredited
  • PM – Practical Use (Cutting and Grinding), ESS Certificate

British Abrasives Federation (BAF) accredited centres provide training in the safe use of abrasives, in order to raise the standard of training throughout industries using abrasive products.

Abrasive Wheels Course Content

The aim of this course is to provide staff with a more advanced knowledge to use and maintain abrasive wheel equipment safely, covering:

  • Health and safety legislation overview
  • Hazards and risk control measures associated with Abrasive Wheels
  • PPE
  • Types of abrasive wheel machines and their safe use.
  • Resin & vitrified bonded abrasive wheel selection, marking, identification and inspection
  • Correct use, setting, adjustment and inspection of flanges, guards and accessories
  • Pre-use machine safety checks
  • How to mount of abrasive wheels on various equipment including hand angle grinder, saws and bench grinders
  • Bench grinder familiarisation
  • Set up and safe working of applying an Abrasive Wheel to a grinder.
  • Truing and dressing
  • Practical set up and cutting operations using a variety of Abrasive Wheels and equipment
  • Practical set up and grinding operations using a variety of Abrasive Wheel and equipment
  • Safe operation, including ill health control measure requirements

Learner Numbers

In order to ensure the interaction between the learners and the tutor is spread evenly and effectively, and to ensure the courses are fully delivered in accordance with the Scheme rules, the maximum number of learners allowed on a course is eight.

Short theory test on types of Abrasive Wheels, identification and inspection Inspect, set up and break down of an angle grinder with an Abrasive Wheel Practical assessment and safe use.

Upon successful completion learners will be issued with a BAF accredited certificate valid for 3 years. In addition, learners will also be issued an ESS certificate in practical cutting and grinding.

Essential Site Skills Ltd are committed to improving the safety standards and training for Abrasive Wheels use and its associated equipment. This is why all of our trainers are accredited by BAF to deliver exceptional, informative and relevant training to all industries of whom may use Abrasive Wheels.

What is BAF

The BAF Training Accreditation Scheme identifies and accredits only those organisations that conduct operator abrasives safety training to the highest possible standards and differentiate them from the less professional offerings.

Accreditation will only be given to those organisations that can demonstrate a high standard of expertise in abrasive safety, whose course content and literature meets the BAF criteria. The BAF is the trade association for manufacturers of abrasive products; its members include some of the largest abrasive companies in the world. BAF has strong links with The Federation of European Producers of Abrasives (FEPA) and also non-European Federations and abrasive manufacturers. Using the combined knowledge of its members, BAF are able provide the most comprehensive services and publications to the abrasives and grinding industry.

Note: There is currently no BAF accredited practical course available within the market for practical use of equipment when using an Abrasive Wheel. ‘Practical’ meaning – cutting or grinding physical objects such as concrete or tubing for example, during the course. However, our BAF accredited, highly skilled and experienced trainers give an additional, and often popular option, to receive further tuition in their practical use giving confidence to all those involved - the employer and employees!