ALLMI Lorry Loader Operator Training



Course duration

1-2 Days depending on experience

Certificate valid for

5 years

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The use of inadequately trained operators is a major cause of accidents. Even if such accidents do not cause a fatality or an injury, they will almost certainly lead to costly legal action or damaged equipment. Therefore, quality operator training is a must. A properly trained lorry loader operator is also a more profitable one, providing higher levels of efficiency and less down time, as well as a safer working environment. Our ALLMI accredited instructors can supply the rigorous and all-inclusive training necessary to achieve these benefits.

We can provide an ALLMI Lorry Loader Operator two day novice course, or a one day experienced course.

ALLMI Operator training is the UK’s only lorry loader training programme to be commended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).  The programme is also recognised by Build UK and approved by CSCS.   

ALLMI Lorry Loader Operator Training Course Content

The course content includes the following modules:

  • Legislation
  • Introduction to the Lorry Loader
  • Pre-operational Checks
  • Operator Maintenance
  • Lifting Equipment / Attachments
  • Siting the Lorry Loader
  • Deployment of Stabiliser Legs
  • Use of Controls
  • Preparing the Lorry Loader for Use
  • Operating the Lorry Loader
  • Stowing Procedures

Lorry Loader Operator Training Categories

Distinction is made between different types of attachment, capacity of the loader, remote controlled loaders and various specialist applications (e.g. barge mounted, static mount, etc). These are categorised due to the individual skill requirements needed to operate these types of loader crane safely and efficiently.

For example, if an operator is trained and certificated in the use of only a hoist attachment, they should not be permitted to use other attachments until conversion training has been undertaken. A certificated operator who is trained on the use of lorry loaders with a capacity of up to 20tm, is not to use a lorry loader with a capacity greater than 20tm.

Please Note - It is important to remember that training is ongoing throughout the operator’s working life.  Therefore, operators should always be familiarised when moving from one type of lorry loader to another.

The assessment process consists of two theoretical assessments and one practical. 

The theoretical assessments consist of a set of core multiple choice and ‘open’ questions, as well as questions which relate specifically to the crane attachment being used. 

The practical assessment is designed to identify whether the candidate has the appropriate practical skills to operate a lorry loader safely and efficiently.

Upon successful completion of the ALLMI Lorry Loader Operator course, each candidate will receive an identity card and certificate, and will be registered on the ALLMI Operator database.

The certificate and identity card are valid for five years, after which time refresher training and assessments will need to be undertaken. 

Both the identity card and certificate state the categories for which the operator is licensed.

Candidates also receive the ALLMI Operator’s manual, which is used as a reference guide throughout their career.



The Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers (ALLMI) was founded in 1978 at the request of the Health and Safety Executive, and it remains today as the UK’s only Trade Association devoted exclusively to the lorry loader industry. It serves, represents and promotes the interests of its members and the industry at large, and it is the natural focus and authority on all issues involving the design, manufacture, application and safe use of lorry loaders.

The ALLMI Lorry Loader Operator course is the only one in the UK to have been awarded the HSEs 'Working in Partnership' commendation.