Cable Avoidance For Managers- Managing, Planning and Permit Course


ESS Certificate

Course duration

1 Day

Certificate valid for

3 years

Grant Available
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The Cable Avoidance For Managers course is for anyone who has functional responsibility for controlling underground service risks on a construction site, such as site supervisors, site managers, project managers, safety managers.

Cable Avoidance For Managers Course Overview

ESS are delighted to offer this Cable Avoidance For Managers-Management, Planning and Permit course for Underground Cable Avoidance, which has been designed to give all tiers of management a more advanced understanding and awareness about cable avoidance planning, the equipment and its capabilities and what processes are required to implement a safe system of work. A first for the industry, learners will also be taught CAT manager & CAT manager online (Bluetooth) software enabling data acquisition and logging, giving supervisors/managers the ability to analyse completed surveys, explored locations, modes used and usage behaviours of employees creating real time monitoring on site.

Use real-time service plans/mapping of the outside location, with scenarios and relevant trouble shooting giving the learner a full interactive, informative and engaging training course incomparable with any other.

Cable Avoidance For Managers Course Content

  • Overview of statistical analysis and legislation
  • Dangers, hazards associated with underground service detection
  • Risk assessment, Safe System of Works and PPE
  • Planning and map marking familiarisation
  • SPX Cable Avoidance Tool model overviews, capabilities and inspection
  • Short SPX Cable Avoidance Tool practical familiarisation with CAT4 & Genny
  • Data acquisition and logging with analysis techniques
  • Safe digging practices
  • Permits
  • Role of the Underground Service Coordinator

Entry Requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this Cable Avoidance For Managers course, however those attending should have a functional responsibility within the workplace for controlling or managing underground service detection.

Learner Numbers

In order to ensure the interaction between the learners and the tutor is spread evenly and effectively, the maximum number of learners allowed on a course is eight.

Learners must pass an examination at the end of the course.

Upon successful completion of the Cable Avoidance For Managers training, learners will receive an Essential Site Skills certificate which is valid for 3 years, along with a Gold Manager ID card.

Zero Strike Rate Target

Approximately, there are 60,000 cable strikes per year in the construction industry throughout the UK with many resulting in costly delays and repairs to both infrastructure and reputations. Worse still, strikes may also lead to life changing injuries, or even a death to one of our workers.

A ZERO strike rate target is not beyond impossibility, so long as you equip your workforce with the correct training, knowledge, instruction information and supervision.

Other Available Training Courses

- Cable Avoidance Course – Basic Operator

- Cable Avoidance Course – Advanced Operator

Equipment Supply

Essential Site Skills are a trusted and authorised supplier of Radiodetection equipment available to all industries. We provide market beating cost effective solutions across models including:

  • C.A.T4, C.A.T4+, e C.A.T4, e C.A.T4+, g C.A.T4, g C.A.T4+ (Approved for use on UK’s rail infrastructure)
  • Genny4 - TX1, 5 or 10
  • RD7100 SL, DL, PL, TL
  • Full suite of accessories including bags, clamps, rechargeable battery packs, sondes and more!

New Purchasing Customer Special Offer: 10% discount on any CAT4 range options and Genny4. 
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Inspection & Calibration Services 
It is recommended that cable locating equipment is serviced and calibrated every 12 months. ESS provide calibration and servicing on all SPX C.A.T models ensuring they are fit for purpose and working to the latest software. Why not tie this in when you book any half day training course and we will calibrate and inspect your Tools when we are there, only £35.00 per tool.

* In the event of product failure ESS use a trusted 3rd party provider, in collaboration with SPX detection, for repair and replacement if and when required. No work will be carried out until agreed by our client.