Certificate in Controlling Health Risks Construction (CCHRC)



Course duration

1 Day

Certificate valid for

Never expires

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The Certificate in Controlling Health Risks Construction (CCHRC) course is for anyone who has functional responsibility for controlling health risks on a construction site, such as site supervisors and site managers.  It provides learners with the knowledge to identify and control common health risks on construction sites in order to prevent workplace ill health.

According to HSE, a construction worker is currently 100 times more likely to die from an occupational disease than an accident at work.

Construction Industry Support Through CCHRC Training

The focus over the years on reducing the number of accidents on construction sites has generated impressive results. However, there are some real issues and concerns surrounding Ill Health currently within the Construction environment and the same effort must be afforded to Ill-Health management. Attendance on this course is heavily supported and recommended by The Health in Construction Leadership Group (HCLG), Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and BOHS Breathe Freely.

  • 80,000 workers suffering from work-related ill health each year
  • 20% of workers reporting work-related breathing and lung problems identified ‘dusts from stone, cement, bricks or concrete’ as contributing to their condition
  • Elevated incidence of contact dermatitis for workers in the construction industry
  • Occupational deafness and HAVS still problematic

Labour Force Survey (LFS)

CCHRC Overview

ESS are delighted to offer this CCHRC course which has been designed to give all tiers of management a more advanced understanding and awareness of the health hazards they, or their workforce, could come across on a construction site, such as dusts, HAVs, UV, noise, gases and more. It informs them about the most common health risks associated with construction work, and how to control these risks correctly in order to reduce workplace ill health for themselves and their colleagues, whilst staying abreast of legal compliance.

Main Subject Areas

Health risks on construction sites:

  • Risk assessments
  • Chemical hazards
  • Physical hazards
  • Ergonomic hazards
  • Principles of control – Full overview
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & RPE

Learner Numbers

In order to ensure the interaction between the learners and the tutor is spread evenly and effectively, and to ensure the courses are fully delivered in accordance with the Scheme rules, the maximum number of learners allowed on a course is twenty. In order to ensure learners share experiences and learning skills during group exercises and discussions, the minimum number is 6.

Learners pass the course by successfully completing a multiple-choice examination.

Learners who pass the CCHRC course will receive the Certificate in Controlling Health Risks on Construction Sites.


This course is set at level 2, comparable to the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification.