CIM Recognised Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme



Course duration

4 Days

Certificate valid for

Never expires

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This Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme is ideal for anyone that works in marketing or those would like to develop their knowledge and understanding of digital marketing and the digital advertising landscape. 

The Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme will help you transform your organisation’s digital presence, increase engagement and keep up to date with the latest trends in digital media and marketing in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

The aim of the Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme is brought to life through meaningful and active methods, which embrace the modern marketing industry. The course will look at building brands and marketing strategies, digital marketing acquisition, conversion and retention, social media strategies, and much more.

Course Objectives

To gain an understanding of;

  • what digital marketing covers
  • the impact of the disruptive digital environment, emerging themes and current trends
  • How to effectively measure and evaluate
  • How to plan, implement and develop your strategy
  • Creating a buyer persona, agile marketing and audience analysis
  • The various digital marketing models
  • Digital marketing tools and tactics
  • Search marketing – SEO & PPC, Using Google tools
  • How to utilise social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Content marketing, mobile and video

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, delegates will have an understanding of:

  • Key digital technological developments and their impact on organisations today
  • Core digital marketing tools and techniques including search engine marketing, content marketing and affiliate marketing
  • How these techniques can be used within successful digital marketing campaigns
  • Key digital marketing metrics – what they mean and how they can be measured

Course Overview

Throughout each session, the tutor will discuss the application of topics to the workplace, everyday conversations and applying policies. 

Day 1 - Marketing Strategy and Building Brands to Win Online 

This session covers some of the key skills needed by a marketing practitioner operating in a digital environment.

Key Themes:

  • Changing dynamics of the digital world
  • Creating Marketing strategies and the marketing mix
  • Building brands, personas and brand archetypes
  • Understanding the decision making process and how to influence it

Day 2 - Digital Marketing Acquisition, Conversion & Retention 

This session covers some of the key skills needed by a marketing practitioner or strategist operating in a digital environment.

Key Themes:

  • Campaign planning – 8 key steps
  • CRM and E-CRM
  • GDPR- Data and data quality management (including legislation)
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Profiling, segmentation and targeting
  • Website usability and conversion – landing page optimisation, responsive website design, website project management
  • SEO and adwords
  • Customer journey mapping

Day 3 - Developing Social Media Strategies

This session will explore the impact and growing importance of social and digital media on modern society and organisations.

It will help delegates to evaluate, project and apply the practical applications of such media to their everyday initiatives. The delegate will be able to begin to develop and employ practical and technical skills in multimedia applications in the development of appropriate social media strategies.

It will examine dominant and emergent social media forms and the most influential digital media technologies in the context of a variety of themes.

  • Explore the impact and importance of social and digital media
  • Evaluate, project and apply practical solutions to everyday initiatives
  • Review existing and emerging social media forms
  • The power of influencers
  • Strategies for engagement and thought leadership
  • Social media as an extension of PR

Day 4 - Advertising in a Converged Age 

This session will explore the convergence of communicative technologies for advertising and branding in modern society. Particular emphasis will be placed on the changes in the form and function of consumers’ relationships with companies and other sponsors/users of emerging reciprocal communicative technologies. The practices, impacts and implications of convergence will be considered in the following contexts:

  • This session will explore the convergence of communicative advertising, marketing and societies in the 21st Century
  • Mobile technology – tablets and phones
  • Interactive media
  • Ethical marketing
  • Smart TV advertising
  • Augmented reality
  • Case studies
  • Emerging technologies

Entry Requirements

No prior experience in marketing is required and our tutors will tailor the content and the delivery to ensure it is pitched at the right level for the delegates in attendance.

This course is not assessment based, upon successful attendance of the full course, and participation in seminars, you will receive a certificate of completion and competency.

After completion of the 4 days you will receive a certificate of competency in Digital Marketing & Social Media. This course is pitched to a CIM Level 6.

About CIM

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) offers a professionally recognised range of Marketing and Digital Marketing qualifications, designed to develop the core skills you need to succeed as a professional marketer. The CIM training programmes improve the marketing capability of individuals within your organisation, driving the growth of your business with knowledge of the latest marketing strategies and tactics, whilst helping you retain top talent through quality investment in your employees.