CITB Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS)



Course duration

1 Day

Certificate valid for

5 years

This one-day seats course is suitable for staff with management or supervisory responsibilities.

Site Safety Plus (SSP) Courses

The Site Safety Plus suite of courses provides a range of courses for people seeking to develop their skills in the building, civil engineering and allied industries. Designed from operative to senior manager level, they provide the skills you need to progress through the construction industry, from the one day Health and Safety Awareness course to the five-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS). We also offer refresher courses so that workers are always kept up to date with the latest techniques and industry practice to be safe whilst on the job.

SEATS Course Overview

This one day classroom based course will provide candidates with an introduction to environmental issues on construction sites.

This course meets the basic environmental knowledge that the sub-contract chain is required to prove to major contractors. It also covers the environmental aspects of the CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test.

SEATS Aims and Objectives

The delegate will gain knowledge and understanding in:

  • what is meant by the term ‘environment’
  • how to deal with archaeology and heritage on a construction project
  • effective waste management
  • pollution controls, and why the environment should be protected
  • the use of environmental management systems
  • why it is important to be a good neighbour and responsible contractor

At the end of the day delegates will be able to:

  • understand the need to protect the environment
  • implement environmental management systems into the management of the site
  • have an understanding of the impact archaeology and heritage can have on a site
  • identify the principles of the good neighbour initiative
  • appreciate the need to be a responsible contractor

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course; however, it has been developed for construction supervisors and this should therefore be considered before enrolling delegates onto this course.  Delegates must be competent in English at site supervisor level.

Learner Numbers

The minimum number of delegates per course is 4.  The maximum number of delegates per course is 20.  These are stipulated by the awarding body and are not subject to appeal.


Assessment will be by multiple-choice questions at the end of the course.  It is also expected that delegates interact during the course.

Exam Details

The examination paper is compulsory and consist of 25 questions: 22 multiple choice questions and 3 multiple response questions.

The examination pass mark is 80% (24 out of 30).

It forms the basis of assessment as to whether or not a delegate has successfully achieved a satisfactory level of health and safety awareness for a certificate of achievement to be issued.

The examination lasts for 30 minutes and must be completed within this time.

Delegates are permitted to use Construction site safety – Book E (GE 700Es) for the last 10 minutes of the examination period.

Re-sits Procedure

Where a delegate has achieved 70%-77% (21, 22 or 23 out of 30) in the examination, the delegate may re-sit the examination.  This can either be on the same day or by resitting the exam by attending another course on the final day within a 90 day period (the delegate is not obliged to re-do the day’s course).

The training provider must make arrangements with the delegate and ensure that the same examination paper is not used twice.

Subsequent arrangements will be at the delegate’s own expense.

Should a delegate fail the re-sit, they will be required to attend the full SEATS course again, or will be offered an alternative course which is considered to match the delegate’s level of knowledge and understanding.

You will receive a CITB SEATS digital PDF Certificate valid for 5 years.  It takes approximately 5 working days for the CITB to issue certification.

CITB Online Card Checker

CITB Site Safety Plus certificates awarded will be visible on the online card checker once the course paperwork has been processed.


Course Publications

  • Construction Site Safety – Book E: Environment (GE 700) - Mandatory
  • Case Studies – Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme - Mandatory
  • (SEATScs1 OR SEATScs2)
  • Case Study 1: Factory and ancillary buildings (SEATScs1)
  • Case Study 2: House building (SEATScs2)


AM Session
PM Session
  • Course Administration
  • Course Introduction
  • Aims and objectives
  • Why is the environment important?
  • Environmental management systems
  • Exercise 1
  • Ecology
  • Exercise 2
  • Contaminated land
  • Exercise 3
  • Waste management
  • Exercise 4
  • Pollution prevention and water management
  • Exercises 5 and 6
  • Good neighbour
  • Exercise 7
  • Protecting our heritage
  • Exercise 8
  • Energy and resources
  • Examination
  • Being responsible
  • Exercise 9
  • Summary and feedback
  • End of course wrap-up and administration