Confined Space Awareness


ESS Certificate

Course duration

Half Day

Certificate valid for

3 years

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The aim of this course is to prepare candidates with the principles of Confined Space Awareness for those that have to identify the hazards and risks associated with confined space operations but are not required to enter a confined space. This course can be used as a proprietary step to confined space entry training if required.

This course can be tailored to meet specific client needs for the general awareness of employees.

Please Note - the Confined Space Awareness Course is NOT suitable for any persons who MAY HAVE to enter a confined space; it does NOT train or certify a person to enter a Confined Space.

Confined Space Awareness Course Overview

The course is designed for the delegates to acquire basic Confined Space knowledge through classroom-based training only.

Confined Space Awareness Course Content

  • Legislation
  • Identifying and assessing a confined space
  • Dangers in confined spaces
  • Oxygen deprivation and suffocation
  • Toxic and flammable atmospheres
  • Information, instruction and training
  • Safe working
  • Isolation
  • Cleaning
  • Purging and ventilation
  • Communications
  • Work equipment
  • Fire safety
  • First aid and rescue

Learner Numbers

In order to ensure the interaction between the learners and the tutor is spread evenly and effectively, the maximum number of learners allowed on a course is twelve.

Multiple choice question paper.

Successful learners will be awarded an Essential Site Skills Confined Space Awareness certificate valid for 3 years.

What is a confined space?

A “confined space” is considered as any space, of an enclosed nature, with a reasonably foreseeable, specified risk of Fire or Explosion, Overheating, Bad Atmosphere, Drowning or Free Flowing Solids.

In most cases, a confined space is just large enough for people to enter and work inside. But the entrance and exit is severely limited and therefore space inside is not made for spending long lengths of time in.