CPCS Tower Crane (A04)



Course duration

5 Days

Certificate valid for

2 years

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A63 – Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane Superseded by A04C:  The review of the A04 Tower Crane category with the release of endorsement A04C Trolley Jib – Remote Controlled supersedes A63A and B Up to 36m – 1m/te and Inclined Jib. A63A & B was therefore retired from the Scheme on 25 November 2015.

This CPCS training course is for people with limited or no experience of using pedestrian operated tower cranes.

It teaches you how to operate a pedestrian operated tower crane safely and productively.


A: Trolley Jib - Cab Controlled

B: Luffing Jib - Cab Controlled

C: Trolley jib - Remote Controlled

CPCS Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane (A04C) Course Content

  • Operate the crane safely and productively
  • Respond to the recognised signals for controlling crane operations
  • Decide whether a particular load is within the capacity of the crane
  • Carry out minor adjustments and routine maintenance
  • Understand the capabilities of the equipment and any relevant safety precautions, including the out of
  • service procedure
  • Operate safe-load indicators and overload warning devices
  • Understand the effect of the working radius on the lifting capacity of the machine
  • Secure, check and maintain counterweights
  • Gauge the effect of shock loading on structural strength and stability
  • Recognise the principles of safe slinging, the types and capacities of lifting gear, security and balance of load
  • Observe the statutory regulations in respect of lifting equipment and the operator’s own legal responsibilities.

Entry Requirements

Learners must have passed the Operatives Health, Safety and Environment Test within the last 2 years, prior to course start date.

Good understanding of spoken and written English.

Four days learning through a mix of classroom-based teaching and practical exercises, followed by one day assessment - CPCS technical tests

Learners will receive a Red CPCS Trained Operator Card on passing the CPCS technical tests, valid for two years.

CPCS Blue Card

After gaining on-site experience, you must complete an NVQ level 2 within two years to apply for the blue CPCS Competence Card which is renewable every five years.

blue CPCS Competence Card

Grants and Funding

Grants against the cost of your CPCS training and testing are available for eligible employers. For further information please visit the CITB Grant page.

We can provide construction SMEs with less than 250 employees with free level 2 construction NVQs through our Skills Support for the Workforce programme, funded by the European Social Fund.  Please contact us for the regions that are currently eligible, this is for a limited time only.