Directors Development Programme Accelerator


University of Chester

Course duration

5 Days

Certificate valid for

Never expires

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This Directors Development Programme Accelerator has been designed for Managers, Directors and senior stakeholders, to support and provide leaders with the knowledge and skills to be a high performing Director, preparing them for the demands and challenges that they face every-day.

This fast track, well-structured and intensive programme, provides an outstanding personal development opportunity. It will give you a detailed understanding and up to date knowledge of the role of the Director and the Board, leadership, corporate strategy, finance and crucially, organisational governance.

The Directors Development Programme will increase your confidence in managerial and leadership abilities; particularly in terms of formulating strategy. It will increase your knowledge and understanding of governance, financial management, problem solving and change management. Resulting in team and organisational development. 

Course Objectives

The programme consists of 4 core elements delivered over 5 continuous days:

  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Strategy and Marketing
  • Finance

Key issues covered throughout the programme include:

  • Understanding and applying the principles of good governance
  • Boardroom characteristic, structure and behaviours
  • Tools to increase personal and boardroom effectiveness
  • The role and responsibilities of the Board, Directors and non-executive directors (NEDs)
  • Developing the strategy and setting the vision, mission and values
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Leadership and creating high performing teams
  • Motivating and driving performance
  • Improving decision making
  • Understand the key differences between direction, management and ownership
  • Financial management, models and decision making
  • Communication skills
  • Driving the organisation through clear and effective performance measures

Learning Outcomes

  • Detailed knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Director including legal obligations, personal liabilities and expected duties and how these relate to your role in your business
  • Build crucial commercial, operational and leadership skills and knowledge
  • Improved confidence and effectiveness operating at Board, C or D-level executive-level management
  • Knowledge of the latest Boardroom best practice and principles
  • Development of the personal key skills to better influence the board and deliver more effective outcomes
  • Improved and more informed decision making, viewing challenges more objectively and delivering better results
  • An ability to lead and plan more strategically, identifying threats and exploiting new opportunities

Course Overview

Day 1 - The Role of the Company Director and the Board

  • Director duties as defined in the Companies Act 2006
  • Corporate and ethical governance
  • Risk management in the current climate
  • Offering both challenge and support in the boardroom and managing stakeholders
  • Considering on-going legislative changes

Day 2 - Finance for Non-Finance Directors

  • The key financial reports and metrics of a business, including cashflow, balance sheet, and profit & loss / income statements
  • How to interpret the financial information from a non-financial perspective
  • Understanding accounting principles and standards
  • Methods that can be used by finance directors to create financial information that is non-financial friendly, including financial ratios
  • Understanding the relationships between a company’s financial stakeholders and its directors / business owners
  • Recognising the signs of a failing company
  • How to rely on and gain the most from the finance function

Day 3 - The Director’s Role in Leading and Managing an Organisation

  • Self-awareness in leadership and 21st Century leadership practice
  • Developing an inquisitive mind-set and leading organisational change and knowledge
  • Managing performance and measuring progress
  • Influencing a positive culture in the workplace through effective, responsible, and sustainable leadership
  • Managing diverse inter-dependent teams
  • Developing soft skills for performance (coaching and mentoring) and developing effective teams and resilience in the workforce

Day 4 - The Directors’ Role in Strategy

  • Understanding differences between strategic and operational thinking
  • Strategic business planning concepts
  • Designing and managing a process for successful organisational change
  • Defining the business environment and influential factors
  • Reviewing a range of strategic leadership and management theories to inform best practice

Day 5 - The Director’s Role in Strategic Marketing

  • Deriving value and market share from research and insights
  • Developing a brand and ‘the universal truth’
  • The purchasing decision making process
  • Public affairs and stakeholder communications
  • Digital and social marketing

Entry Requirements

This programme has been designed for Managers, Directors and senior stakeholders with a minimum of 3 years senior management experience.

You can attend the Directors Development Programme Accelerator on an accredited and non-accredited basis.

When you undertake the Directors' Development Programme on an accredited basis you receive a PGCert in Strategic Leadership for Directors (WBIS) from the University of Chester, when successfully completed, which contributes 60 points towards a Masters, and there are 180 points required for a full Masters. 


Through taking this course on an accredited basis, you can receive a PGCert in Strategic Leadership for Directors from the University of Chester. This contributes 60 points towards a full masters programme (180 points).