NPORS Face Fit Train the Tester for Construction - Qualitative (P057)



Course duration

1 Day

Certificate valid for

3 years

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The NPORS Face Fit Testing course is perfect for those employers who provide a range of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to employees within the Construction Industry and are or would like to be responsible for carrying out Qualitative Face Fit Testing (QLFT) on tight fitting RPE. In addition, this course is also suitable for those implementing relevant Health and Safety related risk assessments, safe systems of work and robust face fit testing management programs.

If you do not require Face Fit Testing on-site, we also offer Public courses for individuals wishing to acquire this qualification.

NPORS Face Fit Train the Tester Course Overview

ESS are the ONLY approved NPORS provider for the Qualitative Face Fit Train the Tester within Construction in the UK. Our course has been designed with and accredited by NPORS, and fully complies with the current HSE guidance and relevant legislation for Face Fit Testing. Taught by those that know and recognise the airborne health hazards faced within the Construction sector; the course recognises the importance of suitably fitted and tested RPE and is delivered by fully approved and accredited NPORS trainers, and of whom are fit2fit experienced practitioners. However, unlike any other Face Fit Testing Train the Tester courses on the market, our trainers are externally monitored and observed by NPORS, not just the presentation materials, but during a course, to ensure quality and compliance and raise the standard in our industry.

This course will provide potential testers with an in-depth knowledge of conducting Face Fit Testing in the construction industry using the Qualitative method. In addition, a full and detailed overview across all aspects of RPE. If you provide Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to your employees, or are responsible for Health and Safety within your organisation, then it is essential that the right type and level of RPE is selected and Face Fit Testing is carried out correctly with documentary evidence to demonstrate the RPE is suitable for the wearer.

Face Fit Train the Tester Course Content

•    Introduction to Respiratory Protective Equipment and Devices

•    Risk assessing the suitability and adequacy of RPE

•    RPE compliance to British and European standards

•    Forms and properties of Health Hazards

•    Health hazards within the construction sector

•    RPE Assigned Protection Factors (APF), Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL) & the EH40

•    Managerial and Supervisory considerations in regard to RPE and testing

•    RPE fit factors and nominal protection factors for tight fitting masks

•    Full and detailed overview of disposable (FFP) masks including correct donning, doffing and pre use seal checks

•    Full and detailed overview of half face masks including correct donning, doffing, pre use seal checks and relevant filters, including particulate, gas and vapour

•    Introduction to Powered Air RPE

•    Comprehensive understanding across all relevant legal Regulations and associated guidance including COSHH, CAR, L5 ACOP, HSG53, INDG 479

•    Introduction to BSIF

•    Detailed understanding of the obligations and considerations needed for Qualitative Face Fit Testing protocols

•    Overview of Quantitative Face Fit Testing and when this may be required or utilised

•    Clear understanding of Face Fit Testing principles, equipment, and records

•    Explanation, demonstration and imitation of Fit Testing methods, best practice and compliance with the INDG 479

•    All learners will partake in practice sessions for Face Fit Testing

•    Fit testing and RPE troubleshooting

•    Pass, fail and record keeping protocols

•    Fit testing – final assessment & theory test

This course does not award the attendee the ability to deliver a Face Fit Train the tester course. It ensures you are fully prepared and competent to carryout QLFT Face Fit Testing within the construction sector and raise more awareness and knowledge amongst the workforce.

Learner Numbers

In order to ensure the interaction between the learners and the tutor is spread evenly and effectively, the maximum number of delegates allowed on a course is six for on site training.

25 question theory test – 5 written questions and 20 multiple choice.

Practical assessment demonstrating competence.

Upon completion, learners will receive an accredited and endorsed NPORS card (P057) Face Fit Train the Tester for Construction – Qualitative valid for 3 years. If the 'HS&E TESTED Logo' is required on the card, entrants must ensure they have attended and passed the CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment Test within the two years prior to application for the card.

Once registered, you or your employers can use the NPORS card checker to demonstrate and validate awarded qualifications.

Who are NPORS?

NPORS is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies, working across numerous sectors. One of the most recognised and respected awarding bodies within the sector. Founded in 1992, NPORS was formed to challenge the status quo within the construction industry and we are as dedicated to the goal of ensuring standards today as the day it all began. NPORS stands firm on the principles it was founded on; supporting industry, regulated training and testing, consistent improvement, equal opportunities and transparency about how we work. Since it’s beginnings, NPORS has continued to progress to be a trusted and recognised name in the industry, offering employers a credible training alternative.

Why choose this course?

This course has been tailored and prepared for the Construction industry. It is delivered by experienced practitioner who are from your industry and of whom will not only teach how to Face Fit Test to the gold standard, but add further CREDIBLE value and support on how to develop best practice Face Fit Testing programs.

Are NPORS trainers/testers suitably qualified?

Highly regulated, absolutely yes. To be an NPORS trainer/tester you must attend a 5 day train the trainer course and be fully competent in their chosen subject. This is achieved by attaining an operator’s card within that subject first and then gaining demonstrable experience. Coupled with NEBOSH or higher qualifications as a minimum, and being fit2fit accredited, you’re in good hands with ESS! Remember, our trainers are externally regulated and monitored too.

Essential Site Skills have been Face Fit Testing for many many years, and even before the Pandemic where it became more known across the UK, particularly within the wider healthcare sector and public domain for example. But the industry has seen a rise in people carrying out Face Fit Testing, or delivering Face Fit Testing Train the Tester courses, and often with no real experience or competence. ESS fully endorse other schemes, such as fit2fit, of whom we directly employ 6 approved fit2fit testers and have an approved fit2fit Face Fit Testing course. So you’re probably thinking - why introduce this course then? Simply put, to support our industry and regulate the train the trainer element more stringently due to the poor level of testing often being conducted within Construction.