Personal Fall Protection Equipment Inspector Course


ESS Certificate

Course duration

1 Day

Certificate valid for

3 years

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Site storeman/woman responsible for overseeing and issuing Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) to employees on site and/or are required to undertake equipment inspections and examinations, maintenance requirements, general management and disposal ensuring only fit for purpose work at height equipment is used.

Personal Fall Protection Equipment Inspector Course Overview

As detailed in the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (Regulation 12 (3)) employers have a legal duty to ensure all Fall PFPE is inspected at regular intervals. The PFPE Inspector course is designed to give those responsible the necessary training and instruction on the control, management and examinations of the equipment to ensure it is safe to use and suitable under the manufactures guidelines during its life span.

Personal Fall Protection Equipment Inspector Course Content

Learners attending our PFPE inspector course will be provided with the necessary information and knowledge in:

  • Legislation and guidance as identified by the Work at Height Regs, PUWER, LOLER and INDG/HSE guidance notes
  • Understanding of standards, CE and instructions
  • Safe marking of equipment
  • Inspection record production & keeping
  • Understanding of manufacturer date coding, shelf life and function testing
  • Knowledge and inspection methods for textile, metals, plastics and hardware associated with PFPE
  • Inspection procedures for equipment such as harnesses, connectors, lanyards, SRLs and more…
  • Fault diagnosis and quarantine procedures
  • Controlled disposal procedures
  • Limitations of inspections and manufacturer service recommendations
  • Equipment care

On completion of training successful candidates will be able to implement a programme of periodic inspections for equipment used during work at height such as harnesses, lanyards, slings, karabiners, helmets, ropes

Learner Numbers

In order to ensure the interaction between the learners and the tutor is spread evenly and effectively, the maximum number of learners allowed on a course is eight.

Multiple choice theoretical test

Practical inspection testing on 5 pieces of commonly used PFPE within construction

Successful learners will be awarded an Essential Site Skills Personal Fall Protection Equipment Inspector Course certificate valid for 3 years.

Learners should have a basic understanding of work at height procedures and equipment such as a harness, lanyard and connector.

An eye for detail and patience is a must to successfully pass this highly practical course.

ESS are also please to offer a PFPE inspection service to our clients of whom may pefer an external inspector. Our Personal Fall Protection Equipment Inspector will carry out thorough examinations of all equipment used on-site to ensure it is safe to use and suitable under the manufactures guidelines for its life span. The inspector can also advise on the following:

  • Marking of equipment
  • Record production & keeping
  • Controlled disposal and quarantine procedures

Equipment service Inspections available:

  • Karabiners (Connectors)
  • Slings and straps
  • Helmets
  • Lanyards
  • Pulleys
  • Ascenders/Descenders (DSD & Stop)
  • Harnesses
  • Rocker/ASAP back up device
  • Ropes (Static & dynamic)
  • Work Positioning system
  • SRL/fall arrest*

Minimum quantities apply, please liaise with our expert training coordinators for more information and pricing guidance.