Face Fit Train the Tester - Fit2Fit Approved Course (Quantitative)


ESS Fit2Fit Approved Certificate

Course duration

1 Day

Certificate valid for

3 years

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This course is perfect for those employers who provide a range of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to employees and are responsible for carrying out Quantitative Face Fit Testing (QNFT) on tight fitting RPE. In addition, this course is also suitable for those implementing relevant Health and Safety related risk assessments, safe systems of work and robust face fit testing management programs.

 The fit2fit accredited QNFT course is also a fantastic stepping stone for those persons wishing to advance to attempt personal fit2fit accreditation status for QNFT, whilst learning ‘best practice’ and preparing them appropriately for the assessment process.


One of only 6 accredited courses across the UK, the Quantitative Face Fit Train the Tester course has been designed and approved by fit2fit (BSIF), and endorsed by the HSE, in accordance with the detailed requirements of the training syllabus and meets the gold standard for Quantitative Face Fit Testing. This course is delivered by fully approved and accredited fit2fit experienced practitioners.

This course will provide potential testers with an in-depth knowledge of conducting Face Fit Testing using the Quantitative method.

Quantitative Train the Tester Course Content

  • General understanding of RPD use in the workplace – Potential Hazards
  • Implementing RPD use in the workplace - Importance of CE Markings, Selection, Use
  • Types and Classes of RPD and Filters
  • Assembly, Inspection, Maintenance prior to Fit testing
  • Donning and wearer related factors
  • Required Legal knowledge and understanding
  • Fit testing methods
  • Fit test exercises and activities
  • Considerations for the employer prior to fit testing
  • Preparing the wearer immediately before the test
  • Environmental requirements
  • How to prepare the equipment
  • Recording information using the Software and machine
  • Preparing respirators for fit testing, adapting and probing

This course does not award the attendee fit2fit accreditation but will fulfil the requirements to fully prepare those wishing to explore fit2fit accredited, if desired.

Learner Numbers

In order to ensure the interaction between the learners and the tutor is spread evenly and effectively, the maximum number of delegates allowed on a course is six.

Learners will be required to participate in several fit testing scenario’s set by the trainer using a variety of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). This will also include a short theoretical assessment.

For those who successfully complete the course they will receive an Essential Site Skills photo ID card and certificate of attendance which are both valid for 3 years.