CPCS Support Materials

We have provided this page to help you find the relevant CPCS download links quickly and easily, for the most common revision materials and documents required by plant operators and testers. For full details about CPCS and the Operator Cards please read the latest version the CPCS Scheme Booklet for Operators.

Scheme Booklet for Operators


These documents have been created to support Operators in various aspects, including the application process, taking the Technical Tests, and providing general information about the CPCS.

Application Support


The documents below have been developed to assist Operators in fulfilling the Logbook requirements for the Blue Competent Operator card renewal.

Logbook Support

Revision Support Materials

The provided documents are designed to assist Operators in their preparation for the Theory and Practical Technical Tests, as well as to understand the Learning Outcomes.

Revision Support


These documents have been specifically created to aid Testers in various aspects, including the application process, administering the CPCS Technical Tests, and offering comprehensive information about the CPCS.

Tester Support

CPCS Application Forms

You can download and complete the relevant CPCS Application Forms here.

Download Application Forms

Renewal Test Tool

(Formerly known as the CPCS Module Matcher)

To renew a blue CPCS Competent Operator card, the operator will need to take the CPCS renewal test for the categories they wish to renew on their card. These are a specific set of questions for each category.

Use the Renewal Test Tool before you renew your card to make sure you are booking the correct Renewal Test, and to download the revision factsheets.

Renewal Test Tool