Alcohol Personal Licence Holder

The alcohol licensing laws of the United Kingdom regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol. Any organisation, business or individual who wishes to sell alcohol must have a licence. This is obtained from a Licensing Authority.

What does the Alcohol Personal Licence Holder online course cover?

This course starts with an overview of UK alcohol licensing laws and the importance of promoting the four key licencing objectives. The three main types of licence are covered, including applications, conditions, representations, and reviews. You'll learn about the legal duties of personal licence holders, and how to deal with Licensing Authorities, along with information relating to objections, fees and hearings. The course will also discuss issues surrounding Temporary Event Notices, and mandatory conditions, which are compulsory for all licenced premises. It'll also look in detail at the major issue of age verification - and you'll learn about the licensing laws and best practices as they apply to children and under 18s. Finally, it outlines the responsibilities involved in alcohol retailing including drinking guidelines and how to avoid and reduce conflict. 

This course is ideal for anyone working in, or wanting a career in the hospitality industry who wants to open up promotion opportunities or to move into a role that requires a personal licence. 

E-Learning Course Modules

Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
1 Introduction Pass percentage required:70%
2 Premises Licences Pass percentage required:70%
3 Personal Licences and Club Premises Certificates Pass percentage required:70%
4 Dealing With Licensing Authorities Pass percentage required:70%
5 Types of Businesses Selling Alcohol Pass percentage required:70%
6 Representations and Mandatory Conditions Pass percentage required:70%
7 Licensing Authority Powers Pass percentage required:70%
8 Children and Under 18s Pass percentage required:70%
9 Responsibility in Alcohol Retailing Pass percentage required:70%

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Additional Software: Flash Player (latest version)
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