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Hot Works

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This short course provides you with an introduction to hot work, the hazards associated with it and controls that can be put in place to minimise these hazards.

What does the Hot Works online course cover?

The course covers what is meant by hot work, including activities involving open flames or other heat sources, sparks, or flame-producing equipment. Hot works can be extremely hazardous if not executed correctly, so it is of paramount importance that all workers undertaking hot works understand the hazards involved and the safety precautions they must take in their day-to-day work. Following on from this the course sets out the hazards associated with such works, explores the controls that can be put in place to keep your workplace safer and finishes by explaining why you should use a permit to work scheme for hot work activities. Written in our straightforward, easy to understand style, this course provides you with all the information they need to help keep everyone safe in the workplace.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by Hot Works
  • Develop an understanding on the hazards associated with Hot Works
  • Have an understanding on the what controls and safety measures that can be used for Hot Work
  • And finally, understand the requirements and how to use permits to work

Course Modules

What is Hot Works?
Pass percentage required:70%%
What Hazards are Associated with Hot Works?
Pass percentage required:70%%
What Controls Can be Used When Hot Working?
Pass percentage required:70%%
Why Use Permits to Work?
Pass percentage required:70%%

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