Positive Handling in Schools

Positive Handling is a very serious subject. Knowing when and how to act in a difficult situation can be the difference between a positive outcome and a potentially career ending prosecution.

What does the Positive Handling in Schools online course cover?

This course will start by looking at some examples and statistics which highlight the seriousness and extent of aggressive pupil behaviour, it will then go on to explain how you can identify the stages of aggression and provide some tips on how you could de-escalate a pupil before they lash out. It also looks at where the law stands on this subject and finally best practice in theory if you ever do need to restrain a pupil.

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E-Learning Course Modules

Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
1 The Course Structure Pass percentage required:70
2 A Serious Business Pass percentage required:70
3 The Aggression Curve Pass percentage required:70
4 The SCARF Model Pass percentage required:70
5 Government Advice and Guidance Pass percentage required:70
6 Making decisions: Duty of Care Pass percentage required:70
7 The Law Pass percentage required:70
8 Physical Intervention and Restraint Pass percentage required:70
9 Screening, Searching and Confiscation Pass percentage required:70

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