Gbemisola Abiodun - Apprenticeship Case Study

Gbemisola Abiodun, a mum of two, had been unemployed for 8 years before starting her Business Administration Apprenticeship with Essential Site Skills. She signed up to the Boost Barnet initiative for employment support and was matched with an Apprenticeship at Quinn London supported by us.

Video Case Study

What was needed

Gbemisola Abiodun [also known as Gbemi] was a stay at home mum of two, wanting to get back into the working arena, but felt she was lacking in recent job skills and also personal confidence after an extended period of absence from the workplace environment. She needed a job where she could upskill and learn on the job whilst being the provided the structure and support she needed to grow and adapt to a role whilst earning a wage. She signed up to the Boost Barnet initiative for employment support to try and help her find something suitable.

Training provided

  • Level 3 Business Administration Trailblazer


Gbemi who also lives in the local area was placed as an Apprentice Resident Liaison Officer at Grahame Park Estate. Based in the northwest of the Borough of Barnet in Colindale, the programme of regeneration aims to create a new and thriving community. This large scale project on the second largest estate in Europe has involved consultation with Barnet Homes Grahame Park residents to improve the quality of housing by bringing them up to the Decent Homes Standard, and enhance the overall layout of the estate.

Gbemi is completing her apprenticeship with Essential Site Skills and not only building up relevant work experience and skills in business administration, but also customer service, and invaluable skills in the workplace such as conflict resolution. The apprenticeship is enabling her to grow the social confidence to deal with a diverse range of customers and people in her day to day duties. Gbemi said she now feels ready to take on full time employment.


Learner Testimonial

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I chose an Apprenticeship because it means I get to work, earn a wage, refresh my skills and get a brand new, relevant qualification as well. I saw it is a great way of building my confidence for getting back into work....there is a Yoruba proverb I learnt many years ago which roughly translates as there are many ways into the marketplace. I had job-hunted for a long time via the traditional route with little success. It was disheartening, then earlier this year I decided to switch things up and applied for this Apprentice role.

I would never have thought an Apprenticeship was available to a mum of two but I was pleasantly surprised. I am learning new, relevant and transferable skills and gaining new knowledge. Studying again whilst working takes a bit of juggling but if I can do it, anyone can. There are so many types of apprenticeships out there now. [You should] Start the process today!

Gbemisola Abiodun, Apprentice Resident Liaison Officer


Apprenticeships help shape successful lives and build successful businesses across a large and diverse range of sectors. The Awards give both individuals and businesses the chance to showcase the very best in practise across the country.

The Lloyds Banking Group Award for Rising Star seeks to recognise apprentices that have made impressive progress in their career to date and have the potential to go even further.

Gbemi’s Apprenticeship with Quinn Property Services Division started October 2021 when she accepted the role as Apprentice Resident Liaison Officer at Grahame Park Housing Estate, in the London Borough of Barnett

As Gbemi approaches the end of her Apprenticeship, Level 3 Business Administration Trailblazer journey, learning new skills and building amazing confidence with the support of her dedicated Business Administration Coach, assigned by Essential Site Skills. She has been nominated for Rising Star of the Year 2022.

Gbemi on her nomination…

‘Thank you for nominating me for the Rising Star award I am truly thrilled to be considered.’  

‘I enjoy this role immensely, personally, I have grown in confidence throughout my apprenticeship program. ‘She continued, ‘Its taught me to initiate conversations with just about anybody! And, my conflict resolutions skills have also developed immensely, as a sizeable portion of my time is spent ensuring residents’ that their needs and personal issues will be met.’ she said, ‘Reporting, problem solving, and balancing the impacted of the work, we need to do to improve their living environment is just part of the effective negotiation skills I have learned via the program.’             

‘There are no two days the same and I get to interact with lots of remarkably interesting and diverse people.’ ‘It’s definitely not always smooth sailing, but I enjoy giving a good service and seeing the joy on residents’ faces when the work to their home is completed.’ ‘I totally have job satisfaction.’      

Apprenticeships awards

On the 19th October 2022 at the National Apprenticeship Awards Ceremony in London, Gbemi received 'Highly Commended'.

'A huge congratulation to Gbemi for being Highly Commended at the National Apprenticeship Awards 2022. This is a fantastic achievement that showcases just how much she has progressed on her apprenticeship journey. ‘We are absolutely delighted to have coached Gbemi through her Level 3 Business Administration Trailblazer. Not only has Gbemi received outstanding feedback from her team, but she also does a fantastic job within the community of Grahame Park Estate.’ ‘Receiving Highly Commended at the National Apprenticeship Awards is extremally well-earned.' Katy Baker, Head of Quality and Curriculum, Essential Site Skills