Roseville Contracts - Case Study

Roseville Contracts are dry lining, screeding and plastering specialists that have operated in the Black Country since 2012. Roseville have gone from strength to strength, building on their workforce and continuing to deliver bigger and better projects for the valued clients.

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What they needed

Ensuring the thorough training of their staff was also a particular concern for Roseville due to the ongoing disruption caused by COVID-19. The unpredictability of workplaces in 2020 means businesses have to be more agile and adaptable than ever before.

Roseville required a number of existing and new workers to be upskilled so they could carry out work on certain larger scale projects, as many firms demand that all workers have the necessary CSCS Blue Card for their discipline. A large portion of their total workforce needed to be upskilled and gain formally recognised qualifications to carry out the work required of them, so it was essential for Roseville to access funded training to make it possible.


So far 20 learners have completed their qualifications and now have the opportunity to undertake work in new areas within the business. A further 12 employees are currently still undergoing training.

The collaboration between has been an undoubted success. The number of workers who successfully acquired their qualification is a testament to how much they have committed to training and valued the process as a whole. This puts Roseville in a fantastic position to continue increasing the skill base of their workers and bid for more lucrative contracts.

The training they managed to acquire has given them the ability to continue growing the company. Whereas many businesses have seen less work over the last year, Roseville Contracts have managed to keep their work levels stable. This is in no small part down to having fully trained and motivated staff who feel valued and motivated in the workplace.


Client Testimonial

"From initial sign up, to the assessor signing off on the learner’s completion, the whole process was very fluid. The communication we had with the training team throughout ensured that all our workers knew exactly what was needed from them. This made the whole process of training so much easier. A lot of the workers are put off by the idea of training as they assume it will be all classroom-based. ESS made it clear how the training would benefit their actual jobs. I couldn’t be happier with how our training with ESS has gone.”