Tractel Derope Constant Rate Descender with Recovery Winch

Brand: Tractel

Constant Rate Descender with Recovery Winch

High capacity EN341 constant rate descender for emergency evacuation. This device controls the speed of descent to between 0.5 and 2m per second. It can be used to rescue an unconscious casualty or for evacuating multiple users from height in an emergency such as a fire in a wind turbine.

The Derope UP A has a built in recovery winch which can be used to raise the casualty or drag the casualty to the evacuation point


  • Can be used to rescue one person up to a height of 400m and 150kg user weight or two people up to a height of 200m and a combined user weight of 225kg
  • For emergency self rescue or rescuing a casualty from height
  • The UPA includes a hand wheel to raise a casualty up or drag a casualty in an emergency
  • It can be used to rescue a worker suspended on a lanyard or fall arrest block following a fall
  • Ability to attach a drill with an 8mm socket to the hand wheel axel to assist in raising a casualty over long distances
  • Can be used as part of a system to satisfy the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations