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5 Ways Training Staff Benefits Your Business

Posted on Thursday, 16th August 2018

5 Ways Training Staff Benefits Your Business

Providing the correct training courses are an essential part of any good business, sometimes a legal requirement too – especially when it comes to health and safety.

But what about the training that isn’t viewed as essential or as a bit of an expense to your business? What do you or your business gain from sending employees off on training courses?

The answer; lots! There are many reasons why a upskilled workforce is an asset to your business. Read on for our top five reasons for providing staff training.

Lower Your Recruitment Costs

Recruitment is costly. Aside from the financial costs, bringing on new staff means existing employees taking time out to train or introduce new employees, not to mention the time it may take to bring new people up to speed.

Instead, train staff who are already loyal to your business and are familiar with how things work. Training is a great way to fill any skill gaps in your business and is often much more cost effective than having to recruit from scratch; especially with the various funding options that are available for training.

Retain Your Best Staff

As mentioned, recruiting new staff can be a costly business, so it makes much more sense to try and keep your good employees loyal to your business. Staff who participate in regular training will feel much more valued, therefore much more loyal to your business.

In some cases, training can even be treated as a staff benefit. Skills such as first aid training are necessary for your employees, but career-boosting courses and training should be treated as a reward for employees as well as an investment in your own business. It’s a myth that employees will leave once they have their shiny new skills or qualifications – they’re much more likely to stick with your business and utilise those new skills.

Boost Productivity

A well-trained workforce is better all round for productivity; when everyone knows how to do their job in a correct and safe way production will peak. Employees will spend less time having to ask questions or seek out information, and just get on with their jobs.

Giving staff time out from their jobs to complete training is more productive in the long run than having to continually remind people how to do certain tasks or complete jobs.

Enhance Your Brand and Reputation

Every company, big or small, has certain brand values which they want to uphold, and no business wants a bad reputation. The way the public, potential customers and employees view your business is important.

Image shows office staff around desks.

Providing training for employees strengthen these two areas in various ways. Being known as a responsible employer who look after their staff is attractive to potential employees and customers alike. Within the construction industry reputation is particularly important; everyone wants to be that company that has a track record for safe work and employees with a good range of skills. Well trained employees with a reputation for quality work make you a more attractive option when it comes to a potential client choosing a contractor.

Strengthen and Support Your Company Vision

When you first recruited your staff, they might have been fully experienced but business changes daily, and no industry changes faster than the construction industry. New technology is continually rolled out as well as new training and standards which must be met.

Any growing business aims to be forward thinking and current; be seen as keeping abreast of the industry and at the top of their game. To achieve this means training! For a business to grow and be current, the training must be up to date and relevant too (another reason to pick a current and reputable training provider)

Picking a Training Course Provider

An important part of the training puzzle is choosing to work with a reliable and reputable training provider. Your staffs’ skills are only as good as the person or organisation who taught them.

Look for providers that offer nationally recognised qualifications and courses and hold all the necessary accreditations. A good training provider will also be happy to help you put together a course of action for providing your employees with the right skills.

For more ways to recognise a good training provider, take a look at this page.

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