Funding and Grants

At ESS, we are continually exploring fresh avenues for securing funding on behalf of both individuals and companies. We are committed to maintaining an updated page that will feature relevant funding and grant opportunities of interest.

In the dynamic world of the construction sector, staying ahead often means securing the necessary financial resources to fuel growth, innovation, and sustainability. Keeping a keen eye out for funding opportunities is paramount in this endeavour. Whether you're a budding construction startup seeking capital for expansion or an established player aiming to finance large-scale infrastructure projects, the construction sector offers a multitude of funding channels. These avenues include government grants, private investments, venture capital, and loans tailored to construction businesses. Additionally, staying updated on industry-specific grants, tax incentives, and subsidies can be invaluable. By proactively seeking and leveraging these funding opportunities, construction companies can not only realise their ambitious projects but also contribute to the industry's growth and evolution. In a sector where progress often hinges on financial backing, vigilance and resourcefulness in identifying and seizing these opportunities are key to success.

CITB Skills and Training Fund

Exciting Update - Double the Opportunity! CITB is bidding farewell to the one-year rule, and now, you can apply for the Skills and Training Fund twice within 12 months. Apply for your second fund as soon as your current agreement is closed and documented.

Attention Small and Medium-sized Businesses! If you're a CITB-registered, Levy-paying employer, you're in for a treat. You have the chance to secure up to £25,000 in FREE funds to supercharge your team's expertise. That's right, up to £10,000 for the smaller enterprises and up to £25,000 for the larger corporations. Don't miss out - apply now and transform your team into unstoppable industry leaders! For more details, explore our resources here, or get in touch with us for expert assistance with your application and training needs.

CITB Grant Application Deadlines Extended to 52 Weeks

Valuable feedback highlighted the confusion surrounding varying deadlines and the challenge of obtaining supporting evidence within the 20-week timeframe. In response, the CITB have extended the grant application deadline to 52 weeks for all grant types. Now, attendance grant applications must be submitted within 52 weeks of the start date, and achievement grant applications must be submitted within 52 weeks of the achievement date.

The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) Grants Scheme

This scheme is designed to support training and development within the construction industry. Visit the CITB website to view the various grant opportunities available, their eligibility criteria, and the application process. Construction companies and individuals in the industry can find details on how to access financial assistance to invest in the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this dynamic sector. Whether you're looking to upskill your workforce or enhance your company's capabilities, the CITB Grants Scheme offers valuable resources to help you achieve your goals.

CITB Grants and Funding

CITB Grants – What’s New?

Here you can find out about changes and anything new in the Grants Scheme. This is a valuable resource for keeping abreast of the latest developments in the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) Grants Scheme. It serves as a gateway to essential information on recent updates, changes, and enhancements within the scheme. Whether you're a construction industry professional, a company seeking to invest in training and development, or an individual interested in funding opportunities, this page offers a clear overview of the most current information available. By exploring the CITB website, you can stay informed about the evolving Grants Scheme and gain a better understanding of how it can support your training and development needs in the construction sector.

Increased Grant for Short Courses - In response to the escalating training expenses, the CITB have doubled the grant rates for short courses. As of 1 April 2023, you can qualify for grants of either £60, £140, or £240 for short courses. For additional details regarding short course grants, please refer to this resource.

Increased grant for specific short qualifications – Effective from 1 April 2023, the CITB have raised the grants for supervision and management NVQs to £1,250 and £1,500, respectively, as part of their efforts to assist with the transition away from the CSCS Industry Accreditation card. A list of the eligible qualifications can be accessed via the link provided. For more in-depth information regarding grants for short qualifications, please consult this resource.

What's New in the Grant Scheme

Securing Funding for Training

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, keeping an eye out for funding opportunities to elevate your team's skills is paramount. Such funding can prove invaluable, especially for smaller enterprises grappling with the challenge of investing in training while navigating a dynamic and competitive market.

Leveraging financial support to fuel your business's growth can be a strategic move, granting you a competitive edge. Funding serves as a crucial piece of the puzzle, propelling promising companies from ground zero to full throttle in record time. Equipping your workforce with the right qualifications and training not only shapes their future but also safeguards the future of your business.

If you'd like to stay in the know and explore these funding opportunities further, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to provide updates and include you in our mailing list, ensuring you're well-informed and well-prepared for the journey ahead.