Funding and Support

There are millions of pounds in funding and grants available for training, health and safety courses, and NVQs in the construction sector. Employers, especially SMEs are not taking advantage of this funding! Examples of funded construction courses include ELCAS funding and we can also help fund other types of training and courses through our European Social Fund (ESF), Adult Education Budget (AEB) and NCFE Workbook Courses.

Grow Your Business With Funded Construction Courses

Funding for training can be a lifeline for many businesses, particularly smaller ones who are faced with having to balance the cost of training against an uncertain and competitive market. We have various funding opportunities available to UK businesses. Don’t miss the opportunity to upskill your team with complementary qualifications and training, including; health and safety courses, CPCS training, and construction industry NVQ’s.

Using finance to aid the growth of your business can be a smart way to gain an advantage over your competitors. Funding is a big part of the puzzle and it can help any promising company go from zero to 100 in a very short time. Equipping your staff with the right qualifications and training not only supports their future but protects your business.

photo shows some men on one of our funded construction courses

Win New Contracts

Acquiring a new contract for your business is exciting. New work means more customers and increased revenue. Some contracts will be a stepping stone for growth, while other upcoming contracts will be make-or-break for your firm. It’s often the case that you win a large contract based on the quality of your service or product, but to actually carry it out you'll require more resources than you currently have and evidence of competent and well-trained staff. Why not use funded training courses to help attract new clients and prepare your people for the work?

Develop and Retain Your Employees

Providing your employees with training has many benefits; staff will see that you value them enough to invest in them. They acquire new skills, increasing their contribution to the business and building their self-esteem. They are upskilled to do new and different tasks, which keeps them motivated and feeling positive. A good company is one that upskills and retrains their staff rather than frequently changing their workers.

Training your staff is also great for keeping them! Staff retention is hard for any business, but the most successful ones know that investing in their people keeps them loyal.

Apply For Course Funding

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upskill your staff. We can help with funded construction courses, health and safety training and a variety of NVQ qualifications. Funding is available for lots of the courses we offer. If you aren’t sure about the various options, then please get in touch and we will be happy to help guide you.

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