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Understanding IOSH: The Ultimate Guide for Managers

Posted on Thursday, 15th June 2023

Understanding IOSH: The Ultimate Guide for Managers

Managing safety in any workplace is crucial for the well-being of employees and the company as a whole. Whether you're an experienced manager or new to your role, understanding the various safety management certifications available is essential for ensuring safe and compliant operations. In this blog post, we'll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and its Managing Safely certification. We'll cover everything from what IOSH is to its cost and how it compares to other similar certifications.

What is IOSH Managing Safely?

IOSH Managing Safely is a renowned course that provides managers with an in-depth understanding of health and safety laws and the practical skills to manage risks effectively. The program was developed by leading health and safety experts and is ideal for anyone who oversees teams or individuals, regardless of their sector. The course provides managers with the ability to identify hazards, evaluate risks, and implement safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries.

What level of NVQ is IOSH Managing Safely?

The IOSH Managing Safely course is equivalent to a Level 2 NVQ qualification. The course can be studied through a classroom, online or e-learning module, making it flexible for busy schedules. It can be completed in as little as three days, and it covers a broad range of topics such as occupational hazards, risk assessments, and safety performance.

Is IOSH better than NEBOSH?

The question of whether IOSH is better than NEBOSH is subjective and depends on individual circumstances. NEBOSH is a broader certification that covers many areas of health and safety, while IOSH is focused primarily on managing safety in the workplace. NEBOSH is better suited for careers in health and safety management and consulting, while IOSH is suitable for managers seeking to improve their safety management skills in their specific work environment.

Is IOSH a qualification?

IOSH is not a qualification per se; it is an internationally recognised professional membership organisation promoting health and safety management. IOSH directs the development of health and safety standards and offers certification programs like Managing Safely.

Is IOSH Managing Safely equivalent to NEBOSH?

NO, the IOSH Managing Safely program is not equivalent to the NEBOSH qualification. IOSH Managing Safely is a certification program created by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health to develop sound health and safety management skills. NEBOSH is a broader health and safety management qualification.

Can you have IOSH after your name?

Yes, as a member of IOSH, you can use specific designatory letters after your name to demonstrate that you have the required knowledge and expertise in health and safety management. For example, if you're a certified member of IOSH, you can use "Tech IOSH" as a post-nominal designation.

Do IOSH certificates expire?

The IOSH certificates don't expire, but IOSH recommends that the Managing Safely certification be renewed every three years. This is to ensure that managers stay up-to-date with the latest health and safety developments.

How much does an IOSH course cost?

The cost of an IOSH Managing Safely course may vary depending on the training provider's location and mode of delivery. Typically, a classroom-based training course can cost around £350 - £700, while an e-learning course may cost around £250 - £350. However, the cost shouldn't be the primary consideration when choosing a training provider. You should always choose a reputable training provider that can offer quality instruction.

More information about the IOSH Managing Safely certificate

IOSH Managing Safely is a valuable certification for any manager looking to develop excellent safety management skills. It is flexible, affordable, and designed to equip you with the practical skills to manage risks, prevent accidents and injuries, and ensure compliance with health and safety laws. Whether you're new to safety management or wish to update your skills, this certification can help you achieve your professional goals. We hope that this guide has provided you with an in-depth understanding of IOSH and its Managing Safely certification, and that you'll consider taking the program to develop your safety management skills.

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