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Work-life-balance in a demanding construction environment

Posted on Monday, 10th October 2022

Work-life-balance in a demanding construction environment

The construction industry needs to be proactive in recruitment and maintaining an essential construction workforce.

The changing face of the construction industry is widely reported on from an ageing workforce going into retirement to the need to attract more diversity into the industry.

It is generally accepted that the industry needs to boost the recruitment of key professions such as project management and larger numbers of essential site-based roles through upskilling, training and professional development, including; Acoustic engineers, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Chartered surveyors, Civil engineers, Construction and Building trades supervisors, Construction project managers, Design engineers, Groundworkers, Mechanical and electrical engineers, Plant operatives, Planners and Production managers, Quantity surveyors, Structural engineers and not least General labourers.    

There is no easy route to solving the skills shortage, however the construction industry needs to be proactive in their recruitment, highlighting skillsets that are transferable, and continuing to look at new pathways into the industry via new technology, incentives, increasing graduate training programmes, in company training & NVQs, apprenticeship frameworks, and continued professional development (CPD) ensuring high quality training throughout an employee’s career.

Whilst, financial remuneration, training, and education continues to be a key driver to maintaining an essential construction workforce. For the majority of job seekers there is a lager emphasis placed on the quality of wellness through a culture of ‘work-life balance.

It is estimated that around 3.4% of construction workers suffered from work-related ill health with cases of stress, depression and, or anxiety which is recorded as being new or long-standing in HSE published construction statistics, 2021.

We all know that our working environments impacts our mental health.

Companies that prioritise employee’s holistic wellbeing by supporting their efforts to find the right work culture is one way to make it clear to their employees that workplace relationships are not just transactional.

Employers benefit when they help their people to prioritise what they seek most from their working environment. The pandemic has prompted a whole generation of workers to reassess their work-life trade-offs. People are not just looking for career advancement they are looking for a work environment where there is recognition of the need for a balance between the demands of work, family, and their personal life.

Creating environments where management take appropriate action to protect employees’ psychological mental health alongside protecting their physical safety, improves everyone’s resilience and goes a long way to building positive work force.

Investing in a positive employee's experience.

Essential Site Skills are course providers for, ‘Mental Health First Aid Champion (MHFA)’

By giving your teams the opportunity to work together to promote positive mental health and wellbeing within their communities and construction environments, you develop mentally healthy people who have the resilience to cope with normal stresses and adverse events while maintaining a positive and realistic sense of self.

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course is an internationally recognised training course which teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provides the knowledge to be able to help on first aid basis.

The MHFA England training will not teach your employees to be therapists, but just like physical first aid, it does teach people to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis.

Remember, everyone’s mental health can fluctuate as changes to everyday life takes its course. When we create workplace cultures where people can be themselves, it is easier for people to talk about wellness and mental health concerns without fear making it easier to reach out for help.

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