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Tractel® designs, manufactures and markets lifting & handling material, load measurement devices, temporary & permanent access solutions and antifall safety equipment.

Work at Height equipment must be fit for purpose and careful consideration must be taken when selecting work at height equipment. There is growing concern within the industry that users may be working outside the certified user weight of their work at height equipment. The European tests for fall arrest equipment uses a 100kg steel mass drop test. Manufactures who claim over this weight must be able to demonstrate their equipment is suitable for the claimed user weight through testing. The total ‘User weight’ is the weight of the user + equipment + tools. The weight of tools and equipment is often overlooked by users.

To meet the demand for work at height equipment for weights of more than 100 kg, Essential Site Skills have partnered up with Tractel. Tractel® are the first manufacturer to offer a complete range of 150 kg fall arrest equipment which complies with European regulations. The products in this range have been tested to arrest falls of weights up to 150 kg (the weight of the user + equipment + tools) with an impact force of less than 6kN. To protect users up to the maximum weight of 150 kg, all system components (anchor point - lanyard/fall arrester - harness) are marked as “HIGH CAPACITY RANGE 150 kg”.

Tractel® supplies a complete “HIGH CAPACITY RANGE 150 KG” of PPE, including anchor points and fall arrest/harness solutions which have been tested in accordance with the European CNB/P/11.062 (for weights of more than 100 kg) and CNB/P/11.060 and CNM/P/11.074 (for horizontal use) standards. The component with the lowest capacity always determines the maximum capacity of the entire fall arrest system – the weakest link in the safety chain.

Tractel are also the first manufacturer to offer an unlimited lifespan on their work at height equipment as long as certain criteria for transportation, use and storage are met. If the equipment is inspected by a competent person, they can sign the equipment off as safe to use regardless of the life of the product.

Essential Site Skills can supply a wide range of work at height equipment to help you comply with legislation and have experienced staff who can assist in selecting the correct work at height equipment. If you need any assistance, please contact us.