SPX C.A.T4+ with depth

Brand: SPX

C.A.T4+ Cable Avoidance Tool with depth

The C.A.T4 is the standard model of the range. When used with the Genny4 transmitter, it will enable experienced operators to find more buried utilities, faster


  • Avoidance Mode - Avoidance Mode speeds the process of pre-dig scanning by searching for Power, Radio and Genny signals simultaneously. C.A.T4 Avoidance Mode offers fully controllable responses, allowing operators to rapidly pinpoint a buried utility and trace it across an area. Real Sound audio enables operators to differentiate between individual signals and utilities to maximise locate speed whilst maintaining safety
  • Genny Signal Locate - Detects the signals transmitted by Genny4, with on-demand estimation of the depth of buried utilities
  • Power Signal Locate - Detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables
  • Radio Signal Locate - Detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes
  • Small Diameter Locate Frequency - Simultaneous dual frequency and simple, intuitive, locating methods assist C.A.T4 and Genny4 users to locate Small Diameter cables such as telecom twisted pairs, CATV feeds, spurs and drop-offs which have historically been hard to find and a common strike risk
  • eCert - eCert remote calibration testing offers an innovative calibration option intended to form part of an annual service regime. Activated through the C.A.T Manager PC software, eCert provides a fast, thorough and convenient test of the key locating circuitry within C.A.T4, and validates the results against the original factory calibration using an internet connection to Radiodetection. Following an eCert test pass, a Radiodetection Calibration Certificate for that C.A.T4 can be printed or saved
  • Dynamic Overload Protection - High levels of electrical interference, as found around substations and near highvoltage transmission cables, can overload sensitive electronics. Dynamic Overload Protection automatically filters this interference out, enabling C.A.T4 to continue locating where other units struggle
  • Depth - Ability to accurately check how deep underground utility services such as power cables, data/telecoms supplies, pipe work and other structures are when excavating when used with a Genny


  • StrikeAlert - Reduce the risk of hitting a shallow cable with the optional StrikeAlertTM warning, enhanced and optimised in the CAT4 range to reduce the instances of false warnings

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