Tractel Comfort Strap

Brand: Tractel

Comfort Strap

The comfort strap is a portable, lightweight accessory which fits onto the harness and can be deployed in the event of a fall. This type of strap has a loop for the user to stand in whilst suspended. The straps can be adjusted allowing the user to stand up straight relieving the pressure felt on the inner thighs and legs (suspension syncope).

Suspension Syncope occurs when the harness user is left suspended in a hanging position following the event of a fall. During this time the harness can cut into the thighs restricting blood flow. If this goes on for prolonged periods of time, it cannot only cause serious discomfort and pain but even fainting. The comfort strap provides a solution to stop this problem.

Product Features

  • Hard-wearing zipped pouch, 80mm diameter, 40mm thickness
  • Strap madefrom polyamide webbing and zinc plated steel adjustment buckles
  • Easily adjustable up to 1.2m to suit the height of the user
  • Weight: 100g
  • User manual included within the pouch
  • Quick and easy to attach to the harness
  • Suitable for any Tractel harness