Tractel PA Anchor Point

Brand: Tractel

TRAVSAFE Anchorage Point

Product Overview

The TRAVSAFE anchorage point consists of a ring with an inside diameter of 28 mm and a material diameter of at least 15mm for attaching the snap hook or other connector. The device is fixed to the mounting support using a plate which has two 13 mm diameter holes 100 mm apart. The TRAVSAFE anchorage point is made of heattreated cast aluminium alloy.

The anchorage points carry the TRACTEL mark on the plate. This mark shows the year and month of casting, and the number 1 or 2, indicating the mould form used in the mould. The device is delivered without fasteners which must be selected by the installer according to the type of support.


  • Complies with EN 795A standard
  • Aluminium anchor point
  • Secured with M12 bolts at 100mm intervals