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NVQ Level 3 - 4 Construction Qualification

Posted on Monday, 24th April 2023

Level 3 Occupational Work Supervision NVQ

This month we look at Level 3 - 4 NVQs the professional route to Site Manager!    

Your career prospects will improve as you enrol onto higher level 3 – 4 NVQs.

Working towards NVQ Level 3 - 4 Construction Qualification 

Any building contract of reasonable size requires a large workforce, on and off-site, made-up of people ranging from civil engineers, subcontractors, specialist consultants, installation contractor’s, product suppliers and manufacturers all working together to complete their activities at the right time.

Coordination and management of these teams is actioned by the construction site manager and site foreman who work together to facilitate the build process. These roles encompass everything from, managing internal and external consultants, controlling the development of the installation through keeping abreast of the construction status. Basically, its about process and people management, which requires a blend of technical and commercial awareness, mixed with project management and people and communication skills.    

What is NVQ Level 3 / 4 Construction Qualification 

There are several routes to becoming Construction Site Manager, Operations / Site Foreman, Operations, people enter this field from all sorts of backgrounds. And as it is not easy to categorise who these people might be, here are a few roles that do take on NVQ Level 3-4 Construction qualifications; site managers, engineers, architects, surveyors, and general building service manager roles, and the list could go on!

It is important to know that to achieve an NVQ Level 3 qualification in construction all learners are required to undertake – managing health, safety, welfare, and risk in construction works. The qualifications are generally made up of mandatory units, with optional units to choose from, particularly when the qualification offers several pathways. There are also additional units that can be taken as part of the qualification, although credit from those units will be included on the certificate they will not count towards the qualification.

For example, here’s a look at the NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Work Supervisory (OWS) Qualification structure, specifying the combination of mandatory and optional units.      

There are many positive aspects to completing your NVQ Level 3 – 4 Construction qualifications. Most importantly your NVQ Level 3 - 4 Construction Qualifications will lead to you to acquiring your Gold CSCS card (Gold Supervisory Card).

What is Occupational Work Supervision Level 3?

Our Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision is a competency based qualification aimed at construction supervisors looking to gain their CSCS gold Supervisory Card.

It was initially created in response to demand from the industry for a progression route for team leaders and supervisors where there was no suitable NVQ available at level 3. Following consultation with the industry it was clear the role of a supervisor needed to prove competency across a number of occupational areas, ensuring they would bring knowledge and understanding of the specific working practices.

Site Supervisors (Foreman) are typically responsible for supervising specific trades such as bricklayers, joiners, formworkers, steelfixers, window installers and groundworkers. It is a popular qualification for those overseeing a variety of trades and is easily completed in the workplace through a range of on-site assessment methods.

As this is a competency based qualification there are no classroom elements. The NVQ process is completed through a combination of discussions with your NVQ assessor and submission of workplace evidence. This can include video’s, photo and other documents such as RAMS, induction, toolbox talks, working drawings, site safety inspections and purchase orders.

Are you ready for a career upgrade? Contact us for more information or to enrol onto your Occupational Work Supervision level 3 qualification.

Gold CSCS Card | Gold Supervisory Card 

CSCS Gold Card

For a Gold CSCS Card, you need to have completed a Level 3 – 4 NVQ in your chosen trade in addition to the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

The Gold Supervisory card can also be achieved by completing an approved employer sponsored apprenticeship, a City and Guilds of London Institute Advanced Craft Certificate. 

The Gold CSCS card is valid for five years – to renew, you will need to pass the CITB Supervisors Health and Safety and Environment Test (within 2 years of application).

How much does an NVQ Level 3 – 4 cost? 

Cost can vary depending on your chosen route, number of learners and location. For up-to-date information on NVQ qualifications and availability, funding, and grants, and to make a booking call ESS on 0115 8970 529 or email [email protected]

Where can I find a full listing of Level 3 - 4 NVQs?

Here at ESS, we have over 150 Construction Related NVQ Qualifications. You can search the full list here.

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