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At ESS, we specialise in providing NVQs tailored to the Construction Industry. Our goal is to ensure that you never face site access issues by having the appropriate CSCS card that matches your occupation and site duties. Regardless of your role or experience level, there's a CSCS card suitable for you. We offer an extensive range of Construction NVQs, ranging from Level 2 all the way up to Level 7 in Construction Senior Management. Explore our offerings to find the ideal NVQ, or feel free to reach out to our team for personalised assistance.

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What are NVQs?

NVQs, or National Vocational Qualifications, are certifications that adhere to national occupational standards. These standards outline the expected performance level for individuals in a specific profession. NVQs encompass all critical aspects of a profession, including current industry practices, the ability to adapt to future needs, and the foundational knowledge and understanding necessary for competent performance.

How an NVQ can Support your Career

How an NVQ can Support your Career Development

An NVQ demonstrates your professional competence for your current or prospective employer and your customers. Wondering how it works? The process is straightforward: you simply provide evidence of your competencies through the submission of documents and photographs, while also demonstrating your knowledge and comprehension in line with the award's criteria. All of this can be conveniently guided by one of our experienced NVQ assessors, or by using your mobile device and uploading evidence to our dedicated online ePortfolio, accessible 24/7 to suit your schedule. You can gather evidence seamlessly during your busy workday, eliminating the need for time off, and commence the qualification at your convenience. Some NVQs can even lead to coveted gold or black CSCS cards, as well as membership in professional organisations like CIOB or CABE, providing access to chartered membership opportunities.

Our program offerings span from NVQ Level 2 in various construction-related roles to Level 3 Occupational Work Supervision, Level 3 Construction Contracting Operation, and all the way up to NVQ Level 7 for Senior Managers. Additionally, we provide the Level 4 Construction Site Supervisor, with the NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management proving to be particularly popular.

We've witnessed first hand how achieving an NVQ has significantly propelled the careers of many of our candidates. No matter the scale of your aspirations, an NVQ can truly make a difference. So, why wait? Reach out to us today; our team is eager to discuss how ESS can assist you in achieving your goals.

Why study for an NVQ with us?

As a leading organisation dedicated to the construction industry, our primary mission is to improve the standards and quality of construction training. Rest assured that our team of NVQ assessors possess the expertise, know-how, and abilities to guide you through your professional growth.

Customised for you

Our priority is to ensure that the level of NVQ you undertake is the right qualification for you. We offer a comprehensive and personalised induction process to guarantee your success right from the beginning of your training.

Dedicated assessor

Our skilled assessors are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout your NVQ journey. They will conduct regular face-to-face and remote meetings, as well as be available via email, phone, and your personalised account in our user-friendly e-portfolio system. Count on us to guide you every step of the way.

Direct Claim Status

As a NVQ Centre with Direct Claim Status, we have a strong quality assurance system in place. This ensures that you will receive your NVQ qualification upon completion, allowing you to apply for a new CSCS card or achieve professional status with CIOB or CABE.

Decades of Expertise

With over two decades of experience, our team has been providing NVQs across a range of industries, with a particular focus on construction. Our assessors boast extensive expertise, gained from their diverse roles within the construction sector.

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CPCS Training Courses – NVQs

CPCS Training Courses – NVQs

Access to construction sites can be challenging for many companies and employees who lack the essential CPCS Blue Competent Operator card. Most principal contractors and major house builders insist on valid cards for their construction workers. If you hold a CPCS Red Trained Operator card, you're required to attain an NVQ within two years of receiving your card. We're here to assist you, offering a diverse range of Level 2 plant NVQs. Discover the perfect fit for your needs by exploring our website or reaching out to our team for expert guidance in selecting the right qualification. Experience a hassle-free service with us.

Funding for NVQs

CITB Grant Funding Enhancement

From 1 April 2023, CITB doubled the grant rates for specific supervisory and management NVQ Diplomas. If you are a CITB Registered employer who is current with your Levy Returns, you may be eligible to apply for CITB short-term grant funding for our NVQ diplomas. This funding covers all directly employed staff on the payroll, business owners, partners, and subcontractors. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

CITB Funding

CITB Skills and Training Fund

For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the CITB's Skills and Training Fund is offering funding of up to £25,000 to invest in workforce training, which includes any construction related NVQ qualifications.

This fund serves as an additional incentive to access CITB grant-eligible training and supports a wide array of activities. You can also use the funds to customize a training program in construction or leadership and management that aligns with your business and staff requirements.

Whether your goal is to boost productivity, seize growth opportunities, or inspire your team, this support will enhance your readiness for the challenges that lie ahead.

Skills and Training Fund

Administration and Leadership NVQs

Beyond our construction focused NVQs, we provide a selection of NVQs in Administration, Customer Service, and Leadership designed to enhance your understanding of business operations. These qualifications empower you with knowledge applicable across various industries, both in the private and public sectors. The skills you acquire are versatile and can be leveraged throughout your career in a multitude of job roles. Explore the full range of NVQs on our website, or don't hesitate to reach out to our approachable team for personalised guidance and support.

Don't wait for opportunities; create them with Essential Site Skills. Book your NVQ today and pave the path to your future success.

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