NVQ Level 5 Qualifications in Construction

Pursuing a Level 5 NVQ qualification in construction offers a valuable chance to specialise in areas like site management, elevating expertise and enhancing overall professional worth. Attaining a Level 5 NVQ not only enhances competitiveness in the job market but also increases the likelihood of securing roles with greater responsibilities and potentially more appealing compensation packages.

Courses and NVQs

What is a Level 5 NVQ equivalent to?

A Level 5 NVQ is considered equivalent to a Higher Education Diploma or Foundation Degree in terms of qualification level.

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Level 5 NVQ Assessment Process

Attaining a Level 5 NVQ in construction involves showcasing your hands-on expertise, including strict adherence to safety protocols, mastery of manual trades, and the ability to collaborate effectively within a team. The assessment goes beyond a binary pass or fail system; instead, assessors closely observe your performance, categorising you as either 'Competent' (indicating a pass) or 'Not Yet Competent,' highlighting areas for potential skill enhancement and further development.

Funding a Level 5 NVQ

CITB Funding

Enhanced Grant Rates for Short Courses - In light of the rising costs associated with training, CITB has doubled the grant rates for short courses. Starting from April 1, 2023, you can now qualify for grants of £60, £140, or £240 for short courses. For further information on short course grants, please refer to additional details.

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Skills & Training Fund

Secure up to £50,000 of funding - CITB is waving goodbye to the one-year limitation, allowing you to now submit applications for the Skills and Training Fund twice within a 12-month period. Once your current agreement is closed and documented, don't hesitate to apply for your second fund opportunity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Level 5 NVQs