Health, Safety & Environment Test (HS&E)

If you're planning to book the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test (HS&E Test), you've come to the right place for valuable insights from revision to booking and essential advice for test day. Booking options are flexible, offering you the choice to secure your spot online, over the phone, or through an Internet Test Centre (ITC).

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About the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Test

The CITB Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) test is a vital assessment for construction workers to demonstrate their ability to work safely. It is a requirement for obtaining a construction industry scheme card. There are three types of HS&E tests: Operatives, Specialists, and Managers and Professionals.

The Operatives test ensures that workers have a minimum level of health, safety, and environmental awareness before going on site. It covers five core knowledge areas: working environment, occupational health, safety, high-risk activities, and specialist topics. The pass mark for the Operatives test is 90%, and all the content covered in the test can be found in the official CITB GT100 publication.

HSE Test

The Specialists test includes questions from the core knowledge areas of the Operatives test and relevant questions in the chosen specialist areas. Various specialist topics, such as demolition, plumbing, and highway works, are available. The pass mark for each Specialist test is also 90%, and the official CITB GT100 publication is an invaluable resource for preparation.

The Managers and Professionals test is designed for those responsible for implementing effective HS&E practices. It covers six core knowledge areas, including legal and management, occupational health, general safety, high-risk activities, environment, and specialist activities. The pass mark for this test is also 90%, and revision materials, such as the CITB MAP revision app and a PC download, are available.

To book the HS&E test, you can visit the CITB website or contact them directly. The test costs £22.50, and vouchers can be purchased ahead of time to pay for the test. Access arrangements and special assistance are available for candidates with specific needs.

The CITB HS&E test plays a crucial role in ensuring construction workers have the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely in the industry. Prioritising health, safety, and environmental awareness is essential for both workers and employers. For more detailed information, you can visit the CITB website.


Booking your CITB HS&E Test Online

Utilise the newly added seat search feature to conveniently compare the HS&E test centre availability in your vicinity all at once.

Book by Telephone

To book by phone, call 0344 994 4488. Lines are open from 8am to 8pm (Monday to Friday), and from 8am to 12pm (Saturday).

Ensure you have the following information before you call:

  • The type of HS&E test you require (e.g. Operatives, Supervisor, Manager or Specialist)
  • The location of your preferred test centre(s)
  • Your full home address
  • Your CITB registration number (if applicable)
  • Credit/Debit card details
  • Any further special assistance such as Voice Over (14 languages available), BSL, Wheelchair Access, Translator, Signer or Reader

Book via an Internet Test Centre (ITC)

For locating your nearby ITC, simply click this link.

Please note that while not all ITCs are currently displayed on the ITC Map, existing ITCs are encouraged to submit their information using the ITC Map Survey.

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On the Day of Your Test

Here's what you should remember for your test day:

  • Ensure you arrive at the test centre at least 15 minutes before your test's scheduled start time.
  • Don't forget to bring your confirmation booking email or letter.
  • It's important to carry identification that includes your photo and signature; you can review the complete ID Policy here.*
  • After completing your test, be sure to keep your Score Report secure, as it contains vital information for your card application.

* If you plan to take the test in a prison, please contact [email protected] for guidance on acceptable forms of identification.

If you are under the age of 16

To proceed, please ensure you have a parental consent form (PDF, 120KB) filled out, in addition to an acceptable form of identification. For specific ID requirements, consult the ID Policy for further information.

Changing or Cancelling Your Test Date

If you need to rebook your test, you must reschedule it at least 72 hours before the test date:

  • It is free to change to an alternative test date online if you do this at least 72 hours before the test date (if you reschedule by phone you will be charged a £5 fee)
  • You cannot reschedule your test less than 72 hours before the test date; you will lose your test fee completely in this instance.
More Information on Rescheduling or Cancelling

Group Booking for HS&E Test (4 or more candidates)

For individual test bookings (1-3 candidates) – Book online or contact the CITB directly on 0344 994 4488.

If you're handling a group of four or more candidates, the Navigator Group Booking System is your go-to option. To start, request a group booking account by completing this form, or if you already have an account, book online here. Should you require password resets or account adjustments, email [email protected] (account setup and reset links remain valid for 7 days).

With the Navigator Group Booking System, you can efficiently schedule tests for multiple candidates by entering their names, specifying the test location, choosing a date and time (based on availability), and making consolidated payments via credit or debit card. For candidates in need of special assistance, the system allows you to book voiceovers and British Sign Language (BSL) videos. For other forms of special support, please reach out to [email protected] or call 0344 994 4491.

It's crucial to thoroughly review and understand the booking terms and conditions prior to making any reservations.

Prepare for the HS&E Test

Preparing for the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) test is crucial for success, and the CITB website provides valuable resources to aid individuals in their preparation. The website's page on preparing for the HS&E test offers a range of revision materials designed to help candidates excel. These materials include question and answer books, DVDs, digital versions, smartphone/tablet apps, and even training courses. Both the Operatives version and the Specialist version of the HS&E test are covered by these revision materials.

For those taking the Managers and Professionals test, it is important to note that it was updated in June 2023 to reflect changes in legislation, working practices, and new technology. This test covers six core knowledge areas: Legal and management, Occupational health, wellbeing and welfare, General safety, High-risk activities, Environment, and Specialist activities. To pass the Managers and Professionals test, candidates must achieve a score of at least 90%, meaning they need to answer at least 45 out of the 50 questions correctly.

The CITB values candidate feedback and has taken steps to streamline some of the revision materials for the Managers and Professionals test based on this input. To get a feel for the types of questions and subject areas covered in the Managers and Professionals test, a sample test is available on the CITB website.

It's worth noting that health, safety, and environmental legislation, regulations, and best practices may evolve over time. However, the CITB strives to keep the HS&E test and revision materials up to date, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared to meet the current industry standards. For more information on preparing for the HS&E test, visit the official CITB website at:

CSCS card

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

There are many card schemes now available to ensure construction workers are safe and competent to work in their chosen career. CSCS is a widely popular card scheme that provides proof that workers on construction sites have the correct qualifications for the type of job they are carrying out. We offer a wide range of construction NVQs to help you gain your required CSCS card, including the blue CSCS skilled worker card, CSCS supervisor card and CSCS manager card.

You can find more information on the types of CSCS cards available below.


Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS)

Now owned by the NOCN Group, the CPCS scheme provides skill cards specifically for the plant centre of the construction and allied industries. Before applying for the CPCS Red or blue CPCS card you must have achieved the relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test within the last 2 years.

You can find out more about the CPCS scheme below. For handy CPCS downloads visit CPCS support materials.

You can find further information on other card schemes here, to find out which HS&E test you require or any exemptions that may apply.