NVQ Level 3 Qualifications in Construction

Wondering how to advance from an entry-level role to building a robust career in construction? NVQs offer a practical, job-focused avenue to demonstrate occupational competency. With Level 3 NVQs, you have the opportunity to elevate your standing from a blue skilled worker card to the prestigious gold card.

NVQ Level 3

What is a Level 3 NVQ Equivalent to?

The NVQ Level 3 holds an academic rigor on par with A-Levels, with a key distinction lying in its vocational nature. Unlike A-Levels, the NVQ Level 3 is centered on practical training, geared towards readying students for a specific trade or profession. This emphasis equips individuals for success in the construction industry, offering opportunities to enhance their career and potentially upgrade their job card from the blue skilled worker card.

CSCS Gold Card

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NVQ Level 3 Assessment Process

Earning a Level 3 NVQ in construction means proving your skills on the job—from nailing safety practices to mastering manual trades and teamwork. It's not just a pass or fail; assessors watch you in action, labelling you either 'Competent' (pass) or 'Not Yet Competent,' signalling the need for skill enhancement.

Fund Your NVQ Level 3

CITB Funding

The CITB have raised the grants for supervision and management NVQs to £1,250 and £1,500, as part of their efforts to assist with the transition away from the CSCS Industry Accreditation card.

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Skills & Training Fund

Gear up for growth with up to £25,000 for training.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Level 3 NVQs