NVQ Level 6 Qualification in Construction

NVQ Level 6 qualifications serve as an ideal pathway for individuals aiming to enhance and advance their career prospects. Tailored to meet the needs of employees seeking professional development, these qualifications provide a comprehensive framework for skill enhancement and expertise refinement. Particularly beneficial for those aspiring to progress into supervisory or senior management roles, NVQ Level 6 certifications offer a strategic advantage by instilling the necessary competencies and knowledge required for leadership positions. This qualification not only equips individuals with a deeper understanding of their field but also positions them as valuable assets in the workplace, fostering career growth and opening doors to new opportunities.

Level 6 NVQs

What is a Level 6 NVQ equivalent to?

A NVQ Level 6 is equivalent to a degree. It signifies an advanced level of study and expertise, comparable to the academic achievement of completing an undergraduate degree, often at the level of a Bachelor's degree.

Black CSCS

CSCS Black Manager's Card

Level 6 NVQ Assessment Process

Achieving a Level 6 NVQ in construction requires demonstrating hands-on expertise, encompassing rigorous adherence to safety protocols, mastery of manual trades, and effective collaboration within a team. The assessment goes beyond a simplistic pass or fail system; assessors meticulously observe your performance, categorising you as either 'Competent' (indicating a pass) or 'Not Yet Competent,' pinpointing areas for potential skill enhancement and further development.

Funding a Level 6 NVQ

CITB Funding

Here you can find out about changes and anything new regarding CITB funding. This is a valuable resource for keeping abreast of the latest opportunities available.

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Skills & Training Fund

CITB-registered employers categorised as Small, Micro, and Medium can seek funding to provide training for their teams twice every 12 months for up to £50,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Level 6 NVQs