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Onsite Health and Safety Training from Essential Site Skills

Posted on Wednesday, 9th January 2019

image shows onsite training on a construction site

Onsite health and safety training is a popular route for many employers across a broad range of industries. This week we take a look at the types of training that can be delivered at your site and what the benefits are of in-company training courses.

The benefits of on-site training

Health and Safety training is essential in any business. there are several routes you can go down to ensure that your employees have the relevant training but for most business owners, this involves sending employees off-site to complete training courses.

Some businesses do their own in-house training, but most don’t have the resources or expertise to do this – especially small and medium businesses.

The third option is onsite training courses. This is where a third party comes in and delivers training to your employees. A great option for businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the benefits of onsite training with a provider like Essential Site Skills.

  • Build in-house knowledge and expertise quickly
  • Courses tailored to your specific needs, including time and location
  • Engaging training that your employees will enjoy
  • Employees gain skills that can be put to practical use straight away
  • In many cases, save your business money on training costs
  • Empower your employees to build a safer workplace
  • Course content can be branded and brought in line with your business

Great benefits or what? The above reasons are why so many employers are choosing to run in-company training courses instead of sending employees out on separate courses. Why not save money and time by having courses delivered onsite to your employees at times that suit you?

In addition to traditional classroom-based training courses, a specialist training provider such as ESS can deliver practical training on sites in construction-based courses. This type of hands-on training, in a work-based setting is one of the most efficient and practical ways to learn. Courses we can deliver onsite for construction companies include; Cable Avoidance - Basic Operator, Face Fit Train the TesterWorking at Height Rescue, plus many more. 

image shows a group of construction workers

Types of training available

One of the most popular types of training to have delivered onsite is health and safety courses but we can deliver a huge range of courses at your site, from NVQ’s to first aid courses.

How much you can tailor a course depends on the qualifications desired; certain courses must follow set guidelines and the content can’t be altered but the time, place and delivery method can all be discussed and arranged to suit you and your employees.

ESS branded courses, delivered by our professional trainers are more flexible and can be worked out to fit in with your business. For example, we can focus on content that is particularly relevant to your industry or business. This will all be discussed with you beforehand and together we will create a completely custom training course for your staff.

Why choose Essential Site Skills?

Quality training is our passion at Essential Site Skills! We promote a working culture where everyone can see the passion that the business was founded on and that in turn, is delivered on to our clients.

Hence working with ESS, you can be assured of;

  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Value

If you want to discuss in-company training, give us a call on 0115 8970 529 or use our contact form.

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