Tractel Mobifor Temporary EN795 Class E Anchor

Brand: Tractel

Mobifor Dead-weight Fall Arrest Anchor

Product Overview

Mobifor is a dead-weight anchor, for installation on roof terraces and fall risk areas.

The Mobifor is made of sixteen 22kg weights made of concrete containing steel particles which are positioned on four steel arms connected at the centre by a joining plate equipped with a rotary anchor point with energy dissipator.

The Mobifor is a fast, reliable solution for setting up a temporary or permanent anchor on terrace roofs.

No drilling is required to install the Mobifor on a terrace roof, thus eliminating the roof tightness problems which drilling can carry. Anchoring strength is ensured by the adherence and weight of the anchor point on the structure.


  • This temporary anchor system is made up of a four steel arms, 16 x 22kg concrete weights with carry handles and a 360° rotating anchor point
  • Designed for use on EPDM, Bitumen and PVC roofs
  • Doesn’t require any tools to assemble
  • Provides a suitable anchor for attaching various fall arrest devices without penetrating the roof membrane
  • Can be placed on a slope with an incline of up to 5°