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The Benefits of In-Company Training

Posted on Thursday, 30th August 2018

The Benefits of In-Company Training

In-company or on-site training is becoming more and more of a necessity for many businesses; especially within the construction industry. Specialised training in accordance with your business, and the industries needs can help your teams become more productive and innovative, in addition to boosting your profits.

More and more employers choose to do this type of training in-house because of the numerous benefits; not only to the employer but of course delegates too.

Read on for some of the top benefits of in-company training.

Onsite Location and Content to Suit

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of in-company training is the location! Organising training off-site can be difficult for some employers, especially if you have a large team to get through a course. It can already be difficult scheduling in time for employees to dedicate to training but if courses are being held off-site, additional time for travel must also be considered.

picture shows in-company training being delivered to a client of Essential Site Skills

On-site training means less travel time and is much more convenient for your employees. Hosting a course yourself also means last minute changes can be made to attendees. For example, if someone suddenly becomes free to complete some training, at least they will be in the right place already. 

Accredited courses must follow the same guidelines but if your company is looking for something more bespoke, programmes like our in-house courses can be adapted to suit your requirements. You may want to do this so that lessons tie in with your own policies and procedures, or even just change the learning pace to suit your employee's schedules.

Boost Employee Productivity and Save Money 

We have already spoken about the business benefits of training your employees but training is also great for staff morale and engagement. With on-site training, employees are able to build new skills, develop existing ones, and gain new knowledge that will boost their on-the-job productivity. Of course, this can be achieved with off-site training but it’s much more convenient and achievable for your employees if training is hosted in their place of work. 

There are benefits to your business too by hosting training in-house; employees do not have to spend unnecessary time away from their jobs and can instead clock back to work as soon as the training is complete. Since on-site training is usually group based lessons, the cost of training can also be reduced significantly.

Convenient Training to Help Meet Your Organisational Goals

With in-company training, lessons can be scheduled to meet your businesses needs and you can plan training to suit your own employees rather than the usual classroom style and hours of colleges, universities or some training providers, which may have specified schedules that clash with work hours.

Picture shows Essential Site Skills delivering on-site construction training course

Company processes and industries constantly evolve so it is essential that you and your team are able to access new training and stay up-to-date. Developing your own on-site training programme gives your employees the opportunity to grow their abilities or find out about new developments inside of their speciality so as to stay up to date and competent with industry trends or new insights that may give them an advantage at work. You can also quickly plug skills gaps within your business by filtering employees through courses for subjects or qualifications that are needed within the business.

Accredited Onsite Training From Essential Site Skills

Essential Site Skills are one of the most trusted providers of in-company health and safety training courses in the UK. We can deliver in-house accredited training courses right at your premises, helping you achieve all of the benefits mentioned in this blog.

For more specific requirements, we are also happy to customise existing courses to meet your objectives.

We have a wide range of courses available, from health and safety training and first aid courses, right through to CPCS training and NVQ qualifications. Use the search bar at the top of this page to find a course you are interested in and then get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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