NPORS - National Plant Operators Registration Scheme

NPORS has been supporting the industry since it was established in 1992 and is now one of the UK's leading Accreditation and Registration Bodies working across the construction, industrial, utilities, warehousing and distributions, agricultural, ports and marine sectors. The scheme offers employers a one stop shop for their training needs across a wide variety of sectors, maintaining high standards, both nationally and internationally by working with the Industry and Accredited Training Providers. As an Accredited Training Provider (ATP), we offer NPORS assessments across the nation, strictly adhering to approved course syllabus, and consistently undergoing rigorous monitoring by NPORS.

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As a partner card scheme of CSCS, the NPORS CSCS Construction Operators Card, will now be issued in line with the requirements stipulated by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and will display the CSCS logo.

There are two types of NPORS CSCS Cards: the transitional NPORS/CSCS Red Trained Operator Card, and the Blue Competent Operator Card. The Blue Competent Operator card is only available to those operators who have achieved the relevant NVQ qualification.

For new entrants to the scheme that have no formal qualifications, a Red Trained Operator Card will be issued which remains valid for two years, during which time the plant operator must achieve the relevant NVQ qualification for the categories held on their Trained Operator Card.

NPORS (Traditional) Operator Card

For individuals operating in sectors beyond construction, where the mandatory requirement for an operator card bearing the CSCS logo does not apply, NPORS offers its traditional operator card. While the standards and methods to achieve this card are identical to those of the NPORS/CSCS operator card route, the traditional NPORS card does not feature the CSCS logo. This distinction arises from the fact that non-construction sectors typically don't share the same prerequisites as the construction industry, which includes the progression from a trained operator card to VQ achievement and ultimately the competent operator card. When obtaining this card, end users can choose between 3- or 5-year registrations based on sector-specific or in-company requirements.

Please note that individuals operating within the construction sector should opt for the NPORS/CSCS card route.

Available NPORS Cards

NPORS Red Trained Operator Card
NPORS Blue Competent Operator Card
NPORS Gold Card

NPORS / CSCS Occupational Work Supervisor Gold Card – Plant Operations

NPORS announced that following consultations with CSCS, they received approval to grant the Occupational Work Supervisor Gold Card for Plant Supervisors. Eligible applicants include individuals who have obtained the Level 3 (S)NVQ in Occupational Work Supervision and can provide evidence that their endorsed occupation is in Plant Operations.

The Difference Between NPORS and CPCS

It's often asked, 'what is the difference between NPORS and CPCS?'

There isn't a lot of difference between the two schemes, as the result and learning outcomes are very similar, including the ways to achieve their trained operator and competence cards. Both schemes have their pros and cons, so choosing will be mainly based on your learning style, your budget and the requirements of the sites or companies that you work for.

Read more about the two schemes in our blog, so you can decide which scheme is best for you, or contact one of our expert training advisors for help and guidance.